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We open to Everyone but Lois watching a Christmas commercial. There is a new toy called Happy Asking Panda, and Stewie wants it. However, Brian accuses Stewie of buying into the whole commercialism of the Christmas holiday, so Stewie has Chris put Brian out.

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The family is on the way to the town tree lighting ceremony. Meg wants to be called “Meg the Egg.” Peter thinks Meg is “dark and different.” I am always happy when Meg gets screen time. I love Meg’s character even though she is wholly cringy and, at times, REALLY creepy. The Griffins are so very mean to Meg. Chris doesn’t get a lot of screen time either, but he gets more than Meg.

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Mayor West is leading the ceremony. I also really dig that with the death of Adam West, who was the mayor of Quahog, they put Sam Elliot in the role of Mayor West. Brian seems to be in a foul mood towards Christmas. Later, the guys are at the Clam drinking. I mean, where else would they go. Brian is there and drunk also. To aggravate Brian, the guys decide to put on Christmas music. Joe puts on “Life Is A Highway” by Tom Cochrane, which is so not a Christmas song. Brian hates Christmas and is now driving drunk. He absolutely destroys the nativity scene that Mayor West whittled.

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Mayor West, Wild West that is, is on the trail of whoever stole the nativity scene. Brian picked up the wood from the nativity scene and stuck it in his car. He left his car at the airport. Mayor West shows up at the house and asks Brian to help him look for clues. Obviously, he tries to throw Mayor West off of his trail. Because the nativity scene is gone, Mayor West cancels Christmas in Quahog.

Does Christmas get to happen in Quahog? Does Brian learn his lesson? What do you guys and gals think of Meg and Chris’s amount of screen time? Let me know in the comments below. Until next time…