It’s hard to believe Bob’s Burger is reaching the end of its 12th season with the first part of the 2-part episode: Some Like It Bot, which is coming out just a couple of weeks before the anticipated movie.

               What begins with a dream sequence based on Grease quickly turns into a pretty decent Blade Runner parody told through Tina’s erotic friend fiction about Tina. Tina is a fugitive robot in the future as she deals with the relatable situation of being made fun of at school due to her new horse shirt. Her classmates Tammy and Jocelyn call her weird, forcing her into a huff, and by the end of the episode, she contemplate drastic measures to get back at them.

Meanwhile, in the weaker of the two main storylines, Bob finds that someone wrote “Bob’s is crap” on his bathroom wall and tries to figure out who and overreacts in typical Bob fashion. And Gene and Louise want Tina to take them to get Boba tea while Linda tries to figure out a gift for Tina’s birthday in a mostly forgettable subplot.

Overall, 8th Grade Runner turns out to be a decent first part to the two-part Season 12 finale. It was a good parody of Blade Runner, a typical Bob overreaction. Also, some good roles for Zeke and Jimmy Pesto within Tina’s erotic friend fiction as two bots who don’t know they are bots. Unfortunately, the secondary plot with Bob feels a little forced, and neither Linda nor Teddy are given a lot to do which hopefully can be remedied in the second part.