In “What’s Your Fantasy?” the characters find themselves in tricky situations while searching for what they want from life.

Buck looks scared as he is wearing a beekeeper's mask over his face, along with his regular helmet and firefighter turnouts.
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The episode kicks off at a Renaissance fair, following the story of two sisters. With the older sister, Harriet is dressed as a knight and is trying to show the younger, Dottie, dressed as a princess, that she doesn’t need any prince to sweep her off her feet and save her. Unfortunately, the older sister does need saving from the 118 after the bees attack the older sister from inside the knight costume. However, her message still rings true since it’s Hen who is the one who saves her, prompting Dottie to tell her sister that she was right and girls can also be heroes. This quote comes back into play later in the episode. Buck and Hen visit the fair, and Buck grabs Jee a sword and shield of her own so she knows she can be her own hero.

Chimney and Maddie are occupied with house hunting while Buck spends the day with his niece, Jee. In his choice of words, he’s “living the dream,” but he quickly learns that’s not the case when she tears his apartment apart. Chimney and Maddie also have no luck. Much like everyone else these days, they had no luck finding a house within their budget. Their apartment is not only too small, but it’s also home to a lot of bad memories, so hopefully, they will find a new place soon.

Darius, May’s past boyfriend from high school, also makes a reappearance in the show. May brings him to Bobby and Athena’s house for dinner, where she explains that he’s looking to potentially attend her college, USC. However, in his parents’ opinion, there are too many distractions there, so he’s currently crashing with a friend. Later in the episode, Athena mentions being worried that May hasn’t yet realized that she’s not like the other students her age. She had a rough-hitting job that forced her to group up, but that’s not a bad thing. Athena’s words of choice are that it’s May’s superpower.

Athena and May both stand looking on at something. Athena is in her police uniform. May is in a blue cardigan over an orange shirt, holding her phone in her hands.
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At May’s college, Darius and May visit some friends. Everything seems fine, but one guy, Erik, seems to be angry since people that he doesn’t know are there, especially May. Fast forward a couple of days, and May arrives back at the house to meet Darius, who is running a bit late. May goes inside and finds the house empty except for Erik. May tries to be nice and make conversation, but every single time she tries, he seems to shut it down. Eventually, he storms out of the room, leaving May alone, where she finds a notebook that had fallen on the floor. She reads it and is immediately concerned with the content inside. She goes outside to call her mom and ask her what she thinks May should do. While May is distracted by that, Darius arrives at the house and is unfortunately trapped with a very angry Erik, who wants his notebook back. Erik calls May with Darius’ phone, saying that if May doesn’t return the notebook, he’s going to kill Darius.

To help save Darius, May uses her past skills from dispatch to talk Erik down. She asks him about what’s inside the notebook, which is filled with rants and plans to fight against the “female conspiracy.” Meanwhile, Athena and the police are working to figure out where Darius and Erik are inside, with the help of May. Eventually, Erik is arrested, and Darius is able to escape. As Athena said, May’s knowledge and skills are her superpowers, and hopefully, May realizes that now.

This episode seemed to be the result of 9-1-1 writers wondering just how many storylines they could fit in an hour. This led to some of the characters’ storylines feeling a bit neglected or unfinished. However, it was still a good episode that related the people the characters’ were saving back to their own personal lives, which is classic 9-1-1.