History has been kind to film adaptations of adult animated TV hits. The most commercially successful of these movies was The Simpsons Movie, which pulled in a gargantuan $536 million worldwide in 2007. That movie was, somewhat surprisingly, a funny and heartwarming ode to TV’s #1 family after years of poor writing in the actual television show. While the movie couldn’t match the wit or fast-paced gags of The Simpsons’ 90’s golden age, it mostly lived up to its own adjusted hype.

However, when it comes to pure quality, what takes the cake is South Park: Bigger, Longer, and Uncut (1998). The crudely titled animated feature lived up to its namesake while taking aim at the media, censorship, Canada of all things, and the pitfalls of trying to shelter your kids. It’s also, unironically, one of the best musicals of all time, with several gut-busting numbers.

So, with such high benchmarks for critical and financial success, The Bob’s Burgers Movie has a lot to live up to! As one of Fox’s biggest hits of the last ten years, the show follows the Belcher family: Bob, Linda, and their children Tina, Gene, and Louise. Bob is the owner of a somewhat successful burger joint, which he runs with the help of his children (whom he only occasionally pays) and his wife, Linda.

However, the draw of the show isn’t their many adventures in burger flipping, but how unique and colorful the characters are. Bob is a self-serious, hard-working, blue-collar cook who is secretly still fighting for the fatherly approval he never received. Linda is his opposite, a woman willing to wear her heart on her sleeve, as evidenced by her proclivity to break into song. But they’re both upstaged by the kids, who each represent a critical stage in adolescence: Tina (pubescent horniness), Gene (appeal to toilet humor and one-liners), and Louise (vengeful brat reminiscent of Megan from Drake & Josh).

Together, the Belcher’s stories have been going strong for twelve seasons with no end in sight, with a featured film having been teased for years. Well, that wait is over, as the teaser trailer recently dropped to wet all of our appetites:

It’s apropos that Linda’s ramblings and adlibs are the first words you hear from a main character in the trailer, as we’re inundated with live-action images of burger ingredients. The Belcher matriarch is the heart & soul of the show – her exuberance and eccentricity being the glue that holds the family together while also making the awkwardly reserved Bob less of a curmudgeon. She gives 200% of her love to each family member, even if it isn’t always returned in full (looking at you, Louise).

As the trailer unfolds, it’s established this story will be a summer season tale, which fits nicely with the movie itself being a summer blockbuster. Tina is convinced this will be a… I guess a hot girl summer or something. So it’s telling, in what seems to be one of Tina’s many daydream sequences, she sees herself riding horseback on a romantic rendezvous with her crush, Jimmy Jr (she won’t even allow the poor boy the dignity of pants while he’s riding a horse).

It’s unclear what Louise and her siblings could be investigating, why Mr. “Fish-odor” is back to antagonize the Belchers, or what’s up with that robot. Also, there’s a spaceship??!! But a true teaser isn’t meant to explain the plot to you, and it’s there to give an idea of the tone and feel of the film. I think this trailer does that in excellent fashion, giving us a cascade of exciting but mysterious images while promising the same humor and character dynamics we’ve come to expect. And in a cinema landscape dominated by franchises with weighty themes about their own existence, it’s refreshing to look forward to something that’s just focused on entertaining its loyal audience.

The Bob’s Burgers Movie hits theaters everywhere on May 27th.