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Note: This game is for mature audiences (18+) only. It contains strong language, violence, bad language, and other mature themes. Viewer and reader discretion is advised.

In Best Month Ever, players take the role of Louise. Louise is the mother of eight-year-old Mitch, who only has a month left to live. On this rollercoaster of a month, your decisions will impact Mitch and make him into who he becomes later.

Other Features Include

The decisions you make will not only ensure Louise’s own survival but also turn Mitch into someone in the future. While each choice will underpin what happens next in those few crucial seconds, it will leave a lasting impact on her son. With nine different alternative endings, each decision has to be considered.

Additionally, this road trip will also showcase why Louise ended up in the position she is today. While shaping the future, players will also be unlocking key parts of the past.

Taking place in the 1960s, Best Month Ever! showcase this era in many ways. Not only does the game follow the art style and music, but it also does not shy away from the situations of the time. From the Summer of Love to The Vietnam War, Louise will meet a whole host of characters on the road. However, not all of these have good intentions. Some will try and dissuade Louise from her goals, and others will form a bridge between her and her son. Others still are from controversial groups previously considered to be long gone.

More Information

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