At TGON, we hear your questions and strive to answer them. For example, recently, the question of “Is ‘The Gods Of Smite’ a different game than Smite?” has been asked. The answer is that they are the same. The Gods Of Smite, or you may also see The Heroes Of Smite, are a series of articles discussing the Gods, Goddesses, heroes, and fictional characters that are playable toons. I try to give you the mythology or the stories behind the characters and deities.

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The game itself, Smite, has five roles. They are guardians, warriors, hunters, mages, and assassins. Different Gods and heroes fall under each category. You choose your deity or hero, select your game mode, and you are off and running if you know the game. Smite does have tutorials and guides to teach you to play the game before they just dump you in.

Arena is an open map deathmatch. You start with five hundred tickets. The first team to zero tickets loses. Joust is a three-on-three game with lanes and structure defense with towers, phoenixes, and titans. Conquest is similar to joust. This is five on five with six towers, three phoenixes, and a titan on each side. Assault five one five, but your God is chosen for you.

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Smite is not a game I play, but I do enjoy the mythology aspect. I feel some characters have no business in the game whatsoever. Cthulhu and King Arthur are two examples. They are not gods or connected to mythology at all. But hey, not my game. They do have pretty pictures for everyone, though.

I hope this answers the question. If you want to check out some of my Gods of Smite articles, you can find Persephone, Susano, and Anubis by clicking the links. Until next time, have fun storming the castle!