Hey everyone, welcome back to another TGON Plays. This week, I’m bringing you the 1998 classic: Metal Gear Solid. I’m a big fan of stealth games, and this is one of the most popular stealth and tactic games to date. So let’s dive right in, shall we?

After a bomb threat against the White House is issued, the government decides to send in one of their best operatives, code name: Solid Snake. Snake’s mission is to successfully infiltrate the terrorist base, locate and rescue the hostages they’ve captured, and gather intel on whether the terrorists even have the capability of bombing the White House. But as Snake delves deeper into the terrorist organization, he begins to uncover dark and unsettling secrets. These secrets make it difficult to trust anyone, even his own support team. It’s up to you to control Snake and finish the mission – at any cost.

As Snake, you’re able to acquire weapons, ammo, grenades, health rations, and various other objects to aid in your mission. You use a communications device to contact and get hints from your support team. With their help, you can gain access into the base and create a path to the hostages, as well as share intel with them regarding the terrorist’s plans and weapon capabilities.

Debuted on Playstation One in 1998, Metal Gear Solid gained a lot of traction and popularity, and has skyrocketed into being one of the best selling stealth series of video game history. This classic game is available only on Playstation (To my knowledge), but there is a plethora of gameplay available to watch on youtube. Check it out for yourselves, and I hope you enjoyed this throwback to the good ol’ days! Because of the sentimental value, the gameplay itself, and the graphics for its’ time, I rate this game 4 glasses out of 5.