Sometimes you love a tv-series and get invested in the story, only for the series to get canceled with the rest of the story still left to tell, but comic books like Buffy the Vampire Slayer Season 8 have proven that they can live on in a different medium. So here are three series (along with two bonus series) that could live on outside the small screen.

Drive:  Yet another short-lived Nathan Fillion series from the 2000s along with Firefly which also happened to star a young Emma Stone as well. Drive followed a group of seeming strangers competing in an illegal cross country road race for $32 Million. Unfortunately, it was canceled by Fox after four episodes. Still, there was definitely potential for the story to continue especially digging into the organization behind the race which was an over-arching mystery. A comic series could either pick up the story with the same group of contestants from the series as they finish their race or a new group of contestants just starting out with a connection to the original series.

Knights of Prosperity:

A short-lived, thirteen-episode ABC sitcom starring Donal Logue and a pre-Modern Family Sofia Vergara as part of a group of everyday people who try to steal from celebrities.  While they tried to steal from Mick Jagger and Ray Romano during the course of the series a comic book continuation could see them taking on different and maybe even bigger targets.


A two-season CW show Reaper had a great cast and fun premise about a slacker becoming a bounty hunter for the devil and collecting souls that have escaped from Hell. It even ended up a cliffhanger with the main character being stuck in servitude to the devil and his girlfriend losing her soul as well. A comic book continuation could pick up on this thread and also go where the series never went: Hell.

Bonus #1: Heroes:

Not really a forgotten series as it ran for four seasons between 2006-2010 and a short-lived revival in 2015. While it had a critically acclaimed first season Heroes never quite kept up that potential, but there is definitely more story to tell in the Heroesverse and perhaps in comic book form would be the best way. A potential series could either bridge the gap between Season 4 and Heroes Reborn or continue the story of Heroes Reborn

Bonus #2: Arrested Development:

Like Heroes, Arrested Development isn’t necessarily forgotten, running for three critically acclaimed seasons on Fox before a divisive two-season revival on Netflix. Season 5 wrapped things up for the most part, but there is room for more Bluth stories to tell and with various behind-the-scenes issues, such as scheduling conflicts and the death of Jessica Walter who played Lucille Bluth, making another season difficult a comic continuation might be the best option for the Bluth. Perhaps a miniseries entitled “A Huge Mistake in the Bluthiverse” …

Those are some TV series that could potential continue on as comics. What series would you want to see? Let us know in the comments