The Fall Of Jughead Jones


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The Ideas Of March party got out of control, but not in the way that I expected. I had forgotten that the Stonewall preppies aren’t violent, they love to battle mentally which is just as dangerous. When I saw Jughead walk into the woods with Bret, I thought that it would be the moment when Jughead would finally knock his head off. Instead, we got a glimpse of Betty standing over Jughead holding a rock covered in blood. This made me question If Betty did do it. We know she would never intentionally try to hurt Jughead, but that doesn’t mean she didn’t do it. There’s a lot of evidence that makes Betty look like the only possible suspect and it didn’t help that she burned Jughead’s beanie, her clothes, and told a horrible lie. Even though her friends are being supportive by sticking together until they unravel the truth, they suspect Betty did it too.

 No matter what way Betty tries to prove her innocence it will all still lead back to her. Some witnesses saw her walk into the woods, the carries her father’s serial killer genes, her dark side was shown once in season one, and Betty killed her cat with a rock when she was a child. She made it worse by telling her mother a horrible lie and F.P. The stonewall students worked together to plant Jughead’s cell phone in her jacket making her look guilty in the eyes of F.P, but Betty made sure that she would be the one to lead him to his son’s corpse. It was a shocking move to make and Dona wasn’t expecting it. Betty is smart, but without Jughead she is bound to make a mistake that will cost her life. Jughead lived among these people, which gave him the advantage to learn how to take them down. Betty is underestimating them and overthinking the situation, which will be her downfall. 

The Lodge’s Differences 

  Veronica became hurt when Hiram privately disclosed his health problems with her sister, but not her. He tried to make it up to her by finally having a conversation about it, but he wants Veronica to treat Hermosa like a real sister. It’s going to be hard considering the situation, but maybe Veronica having Hermosa in her life will be good. They could come together to run the Rum business, but that is not how the Lodge family rolls. They can come together when it’s necessary and cut each other’s throat the next. Hermosa is very nosy, I fear that she will get to close to the secret that she is trying to hide. There have been enough deaths this season, hopefully, they will save Hiram’s for the next. Even though I highly doubt they will kill off this infectious character, it’s possible since one of the most popular characters is now gone.

Archie’s Opportunity

  I didn’t like how Betty treated Archie during this episode. She forced him to lie to his mother, interact like his best friend isn’t dead, Fight Bret, and pretend to help find Jughead’s body. There were also a few times during this episode that Betty’s dark side came out in a passive-aggressive way towards Archie. She had him so on edge that he couldn’t even process the fact that he was granted the opportunity to attend the naval academy. It was the first bit of good news that Archie received since being notified that he can’t graduate with his class. Mrs. Andrews also found love which was a beautiful moment, but Archie couldn’t interact with her because of his nerves. I don’t like that Archie is the first to be thrown to the wolves because it doesn’t look like he has nothing to lose. Betty wasn’t even considerate of the fact that Archie had already lost his dad in the summer. To add this pressure on him is just wrong. Archie might be a superhero to the community, but even he needs to be saved some time. 

Rating: 3.5/5

   I didn’t care for this episode as much as the others because of the lack of emotion. Betty did have another nervous breakdown, but when she and her friends burned their clothing, she seemed cold. The ride home was quiet and she didn’t cry like she lost her boyfriend. Neither did the other friends show much emotion. It was confusing and upsetting to watch because it’s Jughead Jones. The Sherlock Holmes of Riverdale, a best friend, and a son where was the emotion? When Jason died and was reburied Cheryl shed enough tears to form a river, these bastards barely made it trickle. When I think of Jughead being gone from Riverdale, I think of my heart being ripped out of my chest. That’s how the characters should’ve reacted. They acted as if it’s another murder in Riverdale. No, it’s Jughead have some sympathy people!

  I could be wrong, but I still feel like the Stonewall students had nothing against Jughead, but against Betty. In particular Dona. At the end of the episode Dona met Betty in the woods again and said that it was “The Perfect Murder”. I held on to those words because it was what Jughead described his new Baxter brother’s novel to be before the party. I feel like Dona has a desire to hurt Betty because she went as far as to visit Evelyn so that she could frame her. If it was really about Jughead, she wouldn’t have dug that far into Betty’s past. Betty suspected that Dona was the mastermind behind stonewall’s mischievous doings. Dona acts as if she is seeking revenge on Betty. It could be for taking down Edgar and destroying the farm or it could be because of something her father did. It could also be an inside job from Charles. He can’t be trusted since he is dating chik. There are so many possibilities, but remember anything is possible in Riverdale.


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