In collaboration with Rocketship Entertainment, Legendary Comics announced a new Kickstarter initiative to enhance the fan and reading experience for Head Wounds: Sparrow, a thrilling new original supernatural noir graphic novel presented by award-winning actor Oscar Isaac (Marvel’s Moon Knight; Legendary’s Dune).  Additionally, Legendary Comics has revealed a motion graphic trailer narrated by Isaac that invites readers to take an inside look at the gritty world and Leo Guidry, the psychically damaged cop with empathy issues battling both demons and angels. Head Wounds: Sparrow, from creator Robert Johnson with a story by John Alvey, is developed by Isaac and Jason Spire and written by New York Times’ best-selling writer Brian Buccellato with art by Eisner winner Christian Ward. Limited editions of the graphic novel and exclusive items are now available for pre-order on Kickstarter at:, with the book trade edition set for release on August 9, 2022.

Tangled up in the battle between Good and Evil, a crooked Louisiana detective with a higher purpose must psychically suffer the wounds of those he’s sworn to protect until he brings their assailants to justice. No one would call Leo a good person – much less a good cop. But when his best friend is shot in front of him, he wakes up with a hole in his head that only he can see, and a host of mysterious strangers call him for action. Most people go about their daily lives ignoring or unable to see the divine battle between Good and Evil raging around them, but it has just become very real for Leo. As angels and demons vie for the fate of humanity, he must choose a side or risk seeing everyone and everything he has ever known destroyed as the stakes get higher and higher. As Leo sees the true faces of the people around him, he must decide – will he do what’s best for him alone or follow a higher purpose?

“I think there is something about this particular medium that allows such incredible world building and allows you to really express and juxtapose ideas that you can’t in other mediums,” said Isaac. “Marrying my love of comics with this specific form of storytelling, I am excited to bring Head Wounds: Sparrow to fans.”

“When Oscar, Jason, Robert and John brought us the story of Head Wounds: Sparrow, I was immediately hooked by the mixture of grounded ‘70s cinema themes and fantastical elements, but at its core this is a very personal and character driven story,” said Robert Napton, Senior Vice President and Publisher, Legendary Comics. “When Brian and Christian entered the mix, I knew we had put together the perfect team to bring Leo’s journey to life.”

“We are excited to continue our partnership with Legendary Comics and present the fans a bespoke content offering that harnesses the vision of the Head Wounds team,” said Tom Akel, Chief Executive Officer, Rocketship Entertainment.