Charlotte Richards is back. That’s it, that’s all that happened in this episode. See you next week.

Got you. I’m just kidding here’s really what happened and as always spoilers ahead.

The episode opens with a security guard enjoying some pudding, at Pudding Plus, a pudding factory. Simon is the only other worker there, he is working on the pudding. Our security guard friend finds him in a vat of pudding shortly after.

Lucifer meets Decker at her house for a new case. Trixie is playing with a Wonder Woman doll, funny. Decker has a swear jar for Trixe, Lucifer tries to buy her swears. Decker isn’t having it.

Lucy decides he will no longer be affected by his father’s shenanigans.

At the crime scene. Simon Fisher is our victim. He didn’t drown, it was foul play. Simon had created a secret recipe, it’s on lock down. Lucifer and Decker have to talk to the owner to see security camera footage.

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Adrian Yates is the CEO. Back at the station he meets them there. He ain’t giving them the tapes because his attorney, Charlotte Richards says no.

Charlotte wakes up. Charlotte works out. Charlotte does her make up and tells herself she isn’t crazy for forgetting the last few months. She’s back.

Lucy thinks she has ulterior motives. She claims its all about the secret formula. According to Yates they don’t need the footage you can’t even see the killer, just some scuffle out of the frame. Decker tries to ask more but Charlotte stops Yates there.

Charlotte doesn’t even recognize Dan. She is damaged goods. Lucy still thinks she has an angle.

Only seven Pudding Plus employees have access to the lab via key card. All seven have alibis but Decker found someone else with a key card. Grace Foley, Yates’ former partner who left to start a rival pudding company. Lucifer is too busy trying to call Charlotte to even pay attention to Decker telling him all this.

They find Grace shooting a pudding commercial, a very inaccurate version of heaven according to Lucifer but he approves.

Apparently Grace has been trying to poach Fisher for years. Foley didn’t kill him and isn’t saying more until her lawyer is present. Lucy does some devil magic and they eventually get out of her that Simon was going to sell her the formula 3 days ago but then he died. And the pudding thickens.

Now Adrian looks like the main suspect. Decker spots some dude following her. But she’s smart so she gets Lucifer to take one of the angels back to her trailer and even lends her jacket to the angel. The silly man follows Lucifer and the angel instead of Decker. Decker busts him but shockingly he isn’t saying anything until he talks to his lawyer. I’m noticing a trend.

Now at Richards and Wheeler, Dan is hanging out in the lobby waiting for Charlotte. She again plays it off like she doesn’t know him because she doesn’t actually know him but Dan wants answers. Dan seems like he was hurt by her. He wants to know what happened with their relationship. He’s confused but so is she. He says he is just gonna let Lucifer deal with her.

Decker gets a call from Trixie’s school. Trixie has been using creative words at school. Cluster duck. Mother flunker. All courtesy of Lucifer. Obviously Decker isn’t happy. Lucifer isn’t a fan of parent games.

The guy from the commercial is in an interrogating room back at the station with his lawyer. The lawyer is not Charlotte but he is from Richards and Wheeler.

Lucy heads back to his penthouse and Charlotte is there waiting for him. This just fuels Lucy’s thought of her being back for a reason. That all washes away though when she passionately kisses him.

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He’s disgusted, of course. Charlotte is confused, again. She thought they were close, romantically. She confesses to Lucifer that she is missing time. She lost her husband and kids and she has no idea why. She has just been pretending she remembers everything so people don’t think she is crazy. Lucifer tells her she isn’t crazy. All Charlotte remembers is the same nightmare over and over again, you could say it sounded like hell. All she wants to do now is make sure she doesn’t go back to hell. Lucifer recommends avoiding devise and dastardly things. She then asks Lucifer if knowingly impeding a homicide investigation counts.

Dan is upset eating pudding. Ella distracts him with the Fisher’s kidney stones. He was going to die from renal failure in mere days even if he wasn’t murdered. What are odds?

The guy from the commercial is employed by Pudding Plus to handle corporate security. Decker wants to know if he handled Mr. Fisher.

Grace forgot to mention that as of a month ago both pudding companies decided to merge. So the fact that Fisher was going to sell didn’t matter. The only reason Decker was being followed was to just see were the investigations was headed. Decker is interrupted by an officer telling her she is needed in the conference room.

Lucifer, Charlotte, Dan and Ella are all there. Charlotte brought the security footage to give to Decker. Decker boots the footage up. You definitely can’t see the killer. Everyone is distracted discussing who the killer is but Ella studies the tv intently. Suddenly she smacks Dan’s pudding cup out of his hand and says she’s saving his life. By the way Dan’s eating pudding, again. The killer was on screen the whole time. Two of the special ingredients are harmless separately but together can cause renal failure. “The plus in Pudding Plus is poison.”

If Fisher knew it was poison, he could stop the merger and that would give everyone motive. Charlotte feels guilty representing all these guilty people. Ella tells Charlotte she’s got Dan’s back as she leaves.

The security guard had the most to lose if the merger failed. The security guard was shocked to find out Simon Fisher was actually going to die. A month ago they went out drinking and he went on about that and that Mr. Yates didn’t listen and people were going to get sick. Simon said it was his own fault and that he should just end it. End his life. It did think it looked like he jumped in the pudding. The suicide keeps getting more likely. He set up his will to all go to charity and he donated his pet turtle. Simon killed himself to save people.

Lucy calls Charlotte to tell her no ones guilty of murder so she shouldn’t feel guilty but she isn’t there. Lucifer thinks she is gonna do something stupid.

She scheduled a last minute meeting with Yates, Grace and the Handler at the pudding factory. Charlotte has a gun and no one is leaving until she figure out who killed Fisher. So yes something stupid.

Nobody killed him. The Handler has had enough and he gets up to leave. Lucifer arrives to the pudding factory just in time to hear a gun shot.

Phew, she didn’t kill anyone. None of them wanted to kill Simon. Lucifer busts in to tell her they are telling the truth. Even though they are innocent of the crime she says they still aren’t innocent. Lucifer gets her to give him the gun.

Lucy was bugged and all the pudding people are busted.

Dan and Charlotte agree to coffee sometime.

Decker sits Trixie down and they have a talk about swearing.

Lucy takes Charlotte home. Charlotte asks Lucifer what she was like when she wasn’t her. Lucifer said he’ll miss her, she did everything out of love.

“Welcome back, Charlotte Richards.”

My thoughts:

  • I feel bad for Charlotte but I’m interesting in where this is going
  • Where’s the Sinnerman
  • Who knew pudding was so profitable
  • Pudding can be scary

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