On the previous episode, everything that could’ve possibly went wrong, went wrong. Sabrina was victimized by Calaban’s slickness, Harvey was absorbed by the green man, and the entire coven was slain by Blackwood. Everyone was hopeless until Sabrina came to save Sabrina. Sabrina from the future was able to travel to the past to trade places with her so that she could save the coven and her friends. My favorite part about this mission was watching Sabrina navigate through Greendale Armageddon. When the pagans took over, the Spellman mortuary was filled with witch skeletons. The only one left of the coven was Ambrose which wasn’t really surprising considering his impeccable survival skills and abilities.  It was hard for Sabrina not to disclose how she knew about their fate because of the possible time loop disturbance.

    Blackwood’s Revenge

The first thing that was on Sabrina’s agenda was to stop Blackwood from coming to kill the witches. She still had Bati Bat who was the demon from the episode of Part One. Because Blackwood became immortal, Sabrina made Bati Bat put him in a deep sleep. In exchange for this, she set her free from her former prison. This gave Sabrina time to steal Blackwood’s prized possession so that she could turn back time. Thanks to future Sabrina, past Sabrina was able to successfully complete the time loop. but she forgot to take Blackwood’s key to time travel. This lead to future Blackwood still getting his way with his church of Judas because of his immortality. Blackwood also still ended up killing Agatha and Dokus leaving Prudence vulnerable. This didn’t sit well with Prudence, she even blamed Ambrose for stopping her from killing Blackwood when she had the chance. Ambrose is a wise warlock, I felt like preventing her from killing him was right even though the outcome isn’t what she expected.

       The Resurrection

sabrina is legend 2

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Before the horrid future happened, Zelda killed Spider Hilda. This scene disheartened me because it took longer than usual for Hilda to rise from the grave. For a second I thought that she was actually dead. If the coven didn’t act fast, there wouldn’t be a resurrection for Hilda. I began to accept her death when Zelda broke into tears over her sister. It’s not often that we see the softer side of Zelda, so when we do I believe it’s serious. She never said half of the things that she said to her grave to Hilda’s face. She’s usually the negative Nancy to everything that Hilda has going good for herself. It was heartwarming of her to actually say something nice about her for once. When she rose, the relief on Zelda’s face was a moment for the books. Hopefully, this means that Zelda will be more appreciative and supportive of Zelda. Haha, yeah right!

Payback Time

sabrina is legend 3

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Since Sabrina reunited her coven and friends from a gruesome future, It was time to give the Pagans their long overdue a** kicking. This was my favorite scene because I got to see the not so sweet side of Hilda. She made sure that witch wished she never turned her into a spider. One by one, Hilda was able to bend and break her bones until she was nearly a pretzel. The other witches were able to scare the carnies off into another land. Luckily Theo was able to live to see his love again, Robin. Even though he helped the Spellman’s, it’s still unclear if he can really be trusted. While the coven defended their territory, Sabrina returned to hell to claim the throne. She was presented to hell in a very old fashioned manner. The look wasn’t Sabrina’s style at all, but neither was that Sabrina. It turned out that she actually altered the time paradox so that her double could rule hell while she can return to living her teenage life. Any time altercation always comes with consequences and that consequence so happens to be Blackwood.

Rating: 5/5

Oh, how I love a happy ending and this episode gave me a small piece of that. Even though it’s not over yet, it was good to see genuine love between the characters. My favorite part of this episode was watching the coven come back together to stand against the Pagans. It was awkward watching them be weak for more than just a moment, but it worked out because there is a lot more diversity in the coven. From older to modern, each witch brought something unique to the table. I also loved that Zelda found real love in which she once didn’t even want to tea help. It was shocking to discover that Zelda is bisexual, but it’s nothing short of beautiful. The idea of two Sabrina’s is a brilliant idea for future conflict and will be exciting to see unravel. I also loved this episode because there is loads of drama that is still yet to be revealed. There may be a potential love interest between Prudence and Nick. As crazy as it sounds, I believe they were made for each other. I can also see this leading to Sabrina ending in the arms of Calaban. Who knows? It’s clear that Sabrina doesn’t completely hate him, she will find a good use for the prince.