Jonathan Groff in Mindhunter. Photo courtesy of Netflix.

Last year’s Mindhunter was a big success with fans and critics alike, and Netflix were pretty quick to confirm it would be back for a second season. There’s no air date for series two yet, but there have been a few big hints about the real-life criminals who will feature.

True crime junkies will have definitely recognised the mysterious character played by Sonny Valicenti, who featured in a few teaser scenes in the first season. He was never named in the show but, spoiler alert, it’s definitely Dennis Rader, otherwise known as BTK. Rader wasn’t apprehended until 2005, so it would be odd if he doesn’t make another appearance in the second series.


Sonny Valicenti in Mindhunter. Photo courtesy of Netflix.

Producer David Fincher has confirmed that part of the series will focus on the Atlanta child murders which means, if they’re sticking to the real-life timeline, that the show will be set somewhere between 1979 and 1981, a couple of years after where we left the first season. The Atlanta child murders took place at this time – a two-year reign of terror with 28 victims, most of whom were children and teenagers. Wayne Williams was convicted for two of the murders, but still claims he is innocent. John E. Douglas, who wrote the book that was the inspiration for the first series, was heavily involved in this case, so we will probably see Jonathan Groff and Holt McCallany’s characters, Holden Ford and Bill Tench, getting involved in the investigation and the apprehension of Williams.

Rumours have been circulating that Charles Manson could also make an appearance in series two, along with Tex Watson, who was convicted of the seven murders committed by the Manson Family in 1969. Since these crimes occurred before series one took place, it’s likely these characters will be interviewed in prison by Ford and Tench, which is how we were introduced to Edmund Kemper, played so memorably by Cameron Britton in series one. His performance was a big hit with fans of the show, so a lot of people will be hoping he returns too.


Cameron Britton as Edmund Kemper in Mindhunter. Photo courtesy of Netflix.

Another name that has been bandied about in connection with series two is ‘Son of Sam’ David Berkowitz, who carried out eight shooting attacks in 1976, killing six people. He famously claimed to be inspired to kill by a demon that was possessing a neighbour’s dog, so he should give the FBI profilers plenty to work with.

Also rumoured to be featuring is Elmer Wayne Henley, who was involved in the murders of at least 28 teenaged boys in Houston in the early seventies. Again, unless Mindhunter alters the timeline of the crimes to fit the show, Henley is likely to be featured as one of the inmates they interview in prison.

Sure to return is FBI profiler Holden Ford, who suffered a kind of breakdown at the end of series one, after splitting up with his girlfriend Debbie, played by Hannah Gross. Ford’s character arc was fascinating in series one, as he realised he had a lot more in common with the monsters he was studying than he cared to admit. It’s going to be interesting to see where series two takes him, and whether his ego can be reined in by Bill Tench and their colleague, psychology professor Wendy Carr, who was played by Anna Torv.

There’s no official air date yet, but it seems likely to be later this year, when we will find out for certain exactly which monsters Holden Ford will be going up against in season two…