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We open to Peter and the guys at the Clam watching the news. The news covered a new place in tow, Virtual Reality World. Of course, the guys want to go after the newscaster’s horrible explanation. So how does Peter end up taking them to RV World instead? You had one job, Peter.

Meg is at the local pool hall, causing a scene while eating mustard. Meg is so weird. When asked what her problem is, she is bored. She complained that she had already gone through the car wash five times before they cut her off. Who does that? I think Meg is about to have a new obsession: Seymour. She is going to give him a ride.

Source Seat42F

Seymour asks Meg, who is being cringy, by the way, to pull over into the 7 Eleven and pulls out a gun. Meg sits there and waits? Oy vey. She needs friends. Meg makes a fantastic getaway driver. Quagmire has the hiccups from the VR place and can’t figure out why. Meg is using the car again tonight. She keeps replaying last night. I was right. A new obsession though I don’t know if it is Seymour or the getaway driving. Quagmire went to the ER, trying to get rid of the hiccups.

Meg and Seymour robbed another convenience store and got away from the cops again because of Meg’s driving. That girl has a whole lot of skill but so much more cringe. Poor Quagmire, he is still hiccuping. He goes to Peter’s house in the middle of the night and begs Peter to kill him. Peter actually agrees to! Not at first, but ultimately. Peter promises to kill Quagmire no matter how much Quagmire begs to live. Chris overhears Meg and Seymour plan the robbery. When he confronts her, Meg gets mad and runs off.

Source Seat42F

Peter grabs Quagmire right after his hiccups are cured. Of course, Quagmire is trying to reason with him, but Peter will fulfill his promise. Meg and Seymour are on the run again after the robbery. How have the cops not gotten the license plate number and found Meg? My eyes hurt from rolling them.

Does Meg outrun the cops one more time? Was Seymour using her? What about Quagmire? Does he survive? Until next time, have fun storming the castle!