Photo Source: John P Fleenor/ FOX

Can you even imagine what would happen if our favorite precinct were disbanded? Well, it may be something you need to get yourself used to, because the official audit of the 99 did not go well. But more on that in a bit.

Just as Rosa begins to take her rage out on the printer (because life sucks and she doesn’t want to get another job and meet new people), Jake fills her in on a new glamorous case. The star of their favorite cop TV show, Serve &  Protect (with a font very similar to Law & Order), has had her laptop stolen, so she calls on Jake & Rosa for help. They’re a little bit starstruck when they get to set. This distracts Jake immensely, but Rosa stays on task. Immediately, she suspects the hands-on executive producer (played by Greg Germann), but the other star, a cop wannabe played by Nathan Fillion is also a bit suspicious. After being beguiled by a “consulting producer” credit, Jake essentially becomes useless–his dreams of stardom are just too big! Rosa soon pegs the EP as the thief, and Jake turns on him and throws a fit, before they realize he only stole her drugs. It was cop wannabe Nathan Fillion who stole the laptop, out of jealousy.

While the case distracted the duo for a bit, it’s clear Rosa is still shaken about the possibility of leaving the 99 and her friends. Luckily, Jake reassures her they’ll always be friends (photo of this sweet scene is pictured above).

Elsewhere, Holt and Boyle tracked down the NYPD Commissioner in the Poconos hoping they’ll be able to convince him to save the 99. Instead, they catch him with his mistress and consider blackmailing him. This led to the funniest scene in the episode, by far, where Boyle tries to teach Holt how insinuate…with your eyebrows. It included the word “bump” about 15 times and I really suggest you watch it if you haven’t seen it yet. Ultimately, though, the men decided that blackmail is beneath them. In Boyle’s words, “the only black male [he] wants is [Holt]”. Inappropriate? Definitely. Hilarious? Definitely.

Finally, Terry, Gina, and Amy worked together to figure out what he did to break the auditor, Veronica’s heart. Well, Gina and Amy actually shoved Terry in the interrogation room and withheld his yogurt. But hey, desperate times call for desperate measures. Finally, Terry realizes that the breakup gift he bought her had a gift receipt for oa year earlier–meaning he had been planning the split for a while. He only put it off because her mother died. I guess that’s a big enough reason to hold a grudge 15 years later? I don’t really know…I’ve never been in that situation.

Moving on, one Terry realized his mistake, he went to Veronica and apologized. She accepted it kindly, but it was too late. She already sent off the complete report…and it wasn’t good.

Is this it for the 99?! I’m guessing no. I have a feeling the commissioner’s affair and Gina’s broken spine will play into this resolution somehow.