I wondered if Black-ish was going to show how life has changed for the Johnson family since Devonte was born or if they would just go on with life as usual. I got my answer with this episode. Bow is suffering with postpartum depression and Dre and the children take notice but struggle while figuring out how to help her. Bow is crying constantly and doesn’t seem to be interested in interacting with Devante.

Junior takes charge by deciding to give Devonte skin-to-skin contact and enlists Jack to baby proof the house. Dre tells Bow that he wants to help her and encourages her to go to the doctor. Bow feels guilty for not feeling connected with Devonte and for feeling sad all the time. She reluctantly agrees to take medication in hopes of feeling better.

Meanwhile Ruby takes it upon herself to give Devante formula while Bow is out of the room, telling Bow she fears that Bo’s medication is causing him to not go to sleep. Bow lashes out at Ruby for interfering and explains that she already feels bad for not producing enough milk and confronts Ruby for always judging her. When Ruby tries to argue back Bow tells Ruby to get out of her house. Ruby tells Dre to set his wife straight but Dre refuses and tells his mother to leave.

A few days later Ruby comes back and apologizes which surprises Bow and she forgives her.  Bo forgives her. Ruby tells her that she’s a good mom.

The episode ends with Bow talking with the four oldest kids. She explains why she’s been behaving the way she has and that she knows it’s been scary but that it’s unfortunately part of life sometimes.

I love that we got to see Dre support Bow during this time. He was proactive from the moment he noticed a change in her behavior instead of ignoring it. I think it would be easy for someone to hope that their partner will just snap out of it and be in denial that there is a real problem. One of my favorite things about Black-ish is that it has always been honest with its subject matter and never shies away from tough topics. It’s the modern day family sitcom we need right now. It brings the laughs but it also shows a family with real issues and how they overcome them together.