youre the worst


I have a confession to make – I may be Team Boone. Yes, he may be kind of a dick at times, but he also seems to have his stuff together, and he’s less worse (?) than Jimmy.

In this week’s episode Gretchen continues to see Boone clandestinely. She thinks the sneaking around is because he’s married, but it turns out, he’s DIVORCED, and all that sneaking around? He thinks they’re doing it because it’s sexy. He did neglect to tell Gretchen one thing though – he he has a daughter, Olivia. When Gretchen stumbles on the daughter’s bedroom, she freaks out.

Is she really ready for this? The two have an argument over the misunderstanding, but Gretchen isn’t ready to give up yet. She waits outside Boone’s house until he finds her while taking out the trash. She wanted him to fight for her, she explains. And the two reconcile when he asks her not to leave. Colin Ferguson (Boone) was signed on for a major arc this season, so I’m hoping that we see much more of Boone.

Meanwhile, Jimmy continues to be a terrible human to everyone. Apparently he has been doing some soul searching, and  decides to cancel his book-tour in order to stay home and “bide his time” until Gretchen is ready to get back together with him. Jimmy seems completely incapable of understanding that Gretchen is upset with him, and may actually hate him for what he did to her. Instead, he insist that she loves him, and is essentially playing hard to get. When Lindsay texts him that Gretchen and Boone may be breaking up, Jimmy immediately runs home to wait for her to return to him. He’ll be waiting a long time..

Elsewhere, Lindsay and Edgar continue to be friends with benefits but both decide they need more in their life. Lindsay tries desperately to make friends with her work colleagues. But they make excuses to avoid her. Edgar tries to nurture his friendship with Jimmy, who is equally resistant. In the end, the two just end up together.

Favorite Quote:
“Pass the sweet salt.” – Lindsay, referring to sugar.

Favorite Gag:
Paul (Lindsay’s ex-husband) is now a Richard Spencer look-alike and men’s right activist. He is equal parts horrible and sexist, and I may have cheered when a rando punched him in the face.

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