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We open to Lois getting invited to her high school reunion. She went to Fancington’s Academy for Insufferable Girls. Try to say that one five times fast. Geez. According to Lois, their mascot was a “well-dressed woman who yells at valets,” according to Lois. It sounds like a high school I am grateful I didn’t go to. While talking to Brian, Lois realizes Peter would be her plus one and doesn’t like that idea.

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Quagmire is sitting at the coffee shop in Quahog. Lois takes the opportunity to ask Quagmire to be her husband for the reunion. She likes the way he cleans up. Of course, Quagmire jumped at the chance. On her way out of town, she tells Peter that he can’t have pizza or there will be consequences. Brian catches Lois leaving and calls her on going to the reunion without Peter. Peter waited until Lois left the driveway to order pizza

So the pizza guy took a page out of Elvis’s handbook and died on the toilet. Lois and Quagmire get to the hotel, and they were supposed to have a suite and got the honeymoon suite instead. Lois reserved the suite so there would be two beds, and the honeymoon suite has one. So Lois decides to make due. Back at home, Peter and the gang are trying to figure out how to dump the dead pizza guy and keep Lois from finding out.

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So far, Quagmire is a hit at the reunion. He even upstaged the sax player from the band playing at the shindig. Peter and the kids deliver all the pizzas to try and throw suspicion off of them, only to be the last delivery, so they are once again in their driveway.

Did Lois get caught? Did Peter get caught? I was happy to see Family Guy again after their hiatus. Let me know your thoughts in the comments below. Until next time, have fun storming the castle.