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We open to Peter shocking the shit out of everyone by remembering Valentine’s Day and telling Lois how much she means to him. My jaw dropped open. Then I rolled my eyes because he gave her an exercise bike. Lois’s reaction is what you would expect from most wives until he tells her he saw it on the Today Show.

Lois decides to give the Pedalton a shot. She gets into it, and Bonnie joins her briefly. Yelling stuff back and forth ends with Joe and Peter going to cut the power in each other’s homes. Lois quickly gets super buff and rock hard. Stewie sees his mom get out of the shower and falls head over heels in lust. Lois suggests that Peter use the bike, and with the convincing argument that Kermit the Frog uses a bike, Peter gives it a shot. In doing so, he makes dogs for miles bark.

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Peter managed to push his balls next to his voice box. Apparently, it is a common problem and will clear itself. While doing communion at church, the priest asks Peter to help with the choir once he hears his voice. Peter agrees as long as God will kill lots of babies for no reason, and the priest assures him it isn’t a problem. I can honestly say that made me all warm and fuzzy. My son, sitting next to me, was hooting and hollering with laughter. Lois asks Stewie if he wants to go to a Mommy and Me class, and he is Thrilled. So thrilled, in fact, that he went and got waxed. I just shook my head. This episode is bizarre.

Peter steals the show, and the priests ask him to be a permanent choir member. This time Peter wanted a meme-worthy handshake. Ugh. Stewie and Lois are at the Mommy and Me drum circle class. Stewie is inappropriately in heaven in between his mom’s legs. After getting him, he gets behind her and helps her “drum.” Lois was completely confused. How does she not understand her own son’s words? I could understand my kids’ “words” before they were true words. Brian, Chris, and Meg understand him fine, but not Lois or Peter. How? Peter got beat up by a bunch of the choir boys.

Once Lois and Stewie get home, Stewie is under the impression that they are still on their “date.” I wonder when Brian’s brain is going to melt over this. He isn’t a fan of Lois’s new look, and he thinks Stewie is mental. Lois puts Stewie to bed, and he actually starts to cry. Peter goes to the priest for help with the choir boy bullies. The priest declines, but Peter gets help from Jesus. Jesus and Peter get beat up by the boys. They don’t believe Jesus is Jesus because he is too tan. Didn’t you know that Jesus is Paul Bettany white? A direct quote from one of the kids from the choir.

Jesus decides he is going to train Peter to kick the boys’ asses. Peter worries that it isn’t ok to beat up people in the name of Jesus Christ, but Jesus assures him it is just fine. Stewie gets up in the morning and tells Brian that he is going to do his mom that night. Brian kept trying to get him to think about what he was saying but nope, not a single second of recognition.

This episode is probably one of my favorite ones and one of the weirdest ones. It is so very offensive and out theirs. Stewie made my stomach turn a bit, but my son and I were dying of laughter. What do you think? Let me know what you think in the comments below. Until next time!