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I am finally back with the article to finish up the Endless siblings. I apologize for taking so long. Today we are talking about Destiny and Destruction. Destiny is the oldest sibling, and Destruction is somewhere in the middle. Each of the Endless is personifications of their realm. They are the job.

As I said, the siblings are their jobs. It isn’t so much that they do a job. It is their entire reason for being. They are both not mortal, nor are they gods in any sense of the word. Like his brothers and sisters, Destiny has a mother and father, Night and Time, respectively, but his reason for being is to witness the destiny of everything, including the universe. Destruction helps with the destruction (duh) and creation of everything. It is what they were created for. Destiny and Destruction both live with the same rules as Dream, Death, Desire, Delirium, and Despair. These rules include not shedding the blood of their siblings (there are dire consequences) and not falling in love with a mortal.

Destiny’s realm is his garden. His garden is a hedge maze that all mazes connect to and can be reached through any maze. I am guessing there is a little more to it than that because I have done loads of mazes, and here I sit. At the center of his garden is his castle. It even has quietly fluttering servants. It is usually held in his realm when a family meeting is called. With him being the oldest, it makes sense. Destiny is blind and wears a cloak that reminds me of a monk’s robe. It is usually brown, grey, or purple. He is chained to his book of destiny. Those also happen to be his sigils.

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His book contains the stories of everyone and everything. It is not usually something he knows beforehand, if ever. He is an Endless. They are not omnipresent and therefore don’t know everything. An example of this is even Destiny has no idea why Delight turned to Delirium. Sometimes though, the book will update itself as events are happening. Once in lots of blue moons passing by, writing in the book will appear before the events happen.

When Despair was murdered, it was Destiny who revoked the charter that Necropolis had with the Endless. He went to Necropolis and asked for remnants of Despair’s and the Book of Rituals. The citizens had absolutely no idea what he was talking about. When Destiny revoked the charter, Necropolis was destroyed. The Endless entered into a new charter with the village of Litharge, and they are now the Necropolis.

Destruction, who is also known as Olethros, is the fourth born. Destiny, Death, and Dream are older than him. He is often referred to as The Prodigal through the series referencing the abandonment of his purpose. He is responsible for destroying the old, thus making way for creation. His sigil was his sword, but because he left the fold, it no longer is present in any galleries, same as his own. Destruction, like Death, is viewed as the most human of them. On the other hand, Destiny is far removed and doesn’t show much in the way of emotion.

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He used to have a talking dog known as Barnabas, but Destruction gave Barnabas to Delirium. Destruction was close with Delirium until he walked away. I think his abandonment hurt and confused Delirium. He used to shower Despair with affection too. His reason for abandoning everyone and everything is somewhat understandable. When he saw what the human race was building to with science, he wanted nothing to do with our destruction or the destruction of our universe because of science, so he left. Not all the Endless are ok with it.

What did you think of Destiny and Destruction? Let me know in the comments below. I am about to go out with my husband and his sister. They aren’t as powerful as the Endless, but they are a lot of fun. So until next time, have fun storming the castle!

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