Now you have met Dream and Death of the Endless. Today we meet Desire. We still have Destruction, Delirium, Despair, and Destiny to go. Desire is quite unique and I think you will enjoy getting to know them.

Like Death and Dream, Desire’s father is Time and her mother is Night. Desire’s twin is Despair but she is younger. Destiny, Death, Dream, and Destruction are all older. Only Despair and Delirium are younger. Desire did have a child, Miranda Walker. Miranda had a daughter and a son, Rose and Jed Walker making Desire a grandparent.

Source Sandman Wiki Fandom

If you notice, I have not given Desire a gender. There is a reason for this. Desire is female and male. After all, you the reader desire someone who be male or female, or both, or neither. What you desire may not even be a person. Desire reflects that. Just as their older siblings, Desire is their realm. It is their reason for being. Desire’s realm is a flesh-and-blood replica of themselves, known as the Threshold, and they live in the heart of it. Their sigil is a heart made of cut glass.

Androgyny is Desire’s fashion of choice as they are the epitome of gender fluidity. Also, like Death and Dream, Desire has pale skin and pitch-black hair. Desire’s eyes are yellow like a cat’s. Whether in the form of a man or a woman, or even as a little of both, Desire is stunning. Adding to their attractiveness, they smell of summer peaches. Desire is the cruelest on a whim of the Endless siblings.

Source Science Fiction and Fantasy Stack Exchange

Desire is closest to their twin Despair and their other younger sister, Delirium. Desire doesn’t seem to give Destiny much mind. With Death and Destruction, Desire is pretty distant. However, with Dream, Desire has a contentious relationship. Like Death, Desire has no problem pointing out Dream’s faults. Unlike Death, Desire does this to get under his skin and hurt him. The whole problem seems to have started with Killala of the Glow. A truce happened after Desire tried to get Dream killed by the Kindly Ones by trying to manipulate dream into killing his niece by Desire.

There is much less to say about Desire than there is about Dream or Death. In fact, from here on out with the rest of the Endless, less and less will be available about them. Since the comics center around Dream it makes sense.

What did you think of Desire? Is desire something that strikes you often? What form does it take? Let me know in the comments below. Until next week…