As I awaited entry into the Ace Comic Con I could feel the electricity in the air. Fans were cheering as we neared the entrance gate and I could feel the crowd swelling with pride. We were there, we made it, and this was our day to shine. The nerds came out to play, and the Ace Comic Con staff better get ready.

gila river

Photo Source: Blaike The Game of Nerds

The shear number of people there were enough to get anyone excited. I saw gaggles of assorted Links, cute anime cosplays, as well as several Black Widows. People were delighted to share with others what they created with their own two hands and onlookers gasped in amazement.

When we finally got passed security fans raced to see what was left of the Chris Evans’ panel. Saturday goers were blissfully unaware that this was the only day Evans would feel well enough to attend. He kept the crowd engaged and explained how no matter where he went he, “always felt like Captain America”.

floor of gila river

Photo Source: Blaike The Game of Nerds

This is where I took a step back and did what I always love to do, shop until my nerd heart exploded. Each vendor had their own unique wares from the iconic to the unusual. I found myself glued to the unusually small corridor walls as I attempted to traverse the labyrinth that is the Gila River Arena. Fans squished together like sardines attempting to make their next big purchase.

While the shopping endeavor didn’t go as planned, I found myself attracted to another portion of the Ace Comic Con that can only be described as the gaming ally. This is where I saw fantastically crafted pinball machines and a relic similar to foosball. I noticed the smiles on people’s faces as onlookers cheered them on. This is where strangers became friends and networks grew closer. This is what cons are all about, bringing people together.

pinball at ace comic con

Photo Source: Blaike The Game of Nerds

Ace Comic Con successfully brought people together in a way only a con can. It allowed people to come together with one goal on mind, having fun and geeking out. Overall, Ace Comic Con did a fantastic job at creating an event people will remember.  I believe I speak for the rest of Arizona when I say, I look forward to the next Ace Comic Con.

welcome to ace comic con

Photo Source: Blaike The Game of Nerds

The featured image was taken by Blaike Trujillo and the title was inspired by Nirvana.