Source: The Wandering Village | Official Steam Page

Ever wanted to explore the world on the back of a dinosaur, yet still have the comfort of your own home and base? Look no further than The Wandering Village. In this game by Stray Fawn Studios, players take the role of a small group of survivors. After the world is overcome by mysterious, poisonous spores, survival seems bleak. However, when these survivors find a traveling animal with enough space to settle, things no longer seem so cruel.

Other Features Include:

  • Build a village. As the leader of the survivors, the player has command over the village. It is needed to ensure survival. Expand over the creature’s back, plan productions and create a flourishing settlement. However, remember space is limited, as there is only the back of the creature available.
  • Life on the creature. As players depend on the creature, it is up to them to decide how it goes. Will it be a mutual bond of trust, and working with the creature? Or will it instead be a parasitic relationship, where the settlement survival is at the cost of the beast?
  • Explore on beast-back. Travel wherever the creature decides to go. There are different biomes, all with their own different challenges and obstacles to overcome. Players can also send out scavenging teams to collect rare resources and artifacts, exclusive to specific biomes.
  • Research. By exploring the world, discover forgotten technologies that can help with the survival of the settlers. However, there could be a reason why these were forgotten – and progress doesn’t always mean guaranteed success.
  • Survival. As the leader, players will have to work to keep both the creature and the survivors alive. Against poisonous spores, merciless weather, blood sucking parasites and more obstacles, will you be able to overcome all of the challenges but against you?

The Wandering Village is not yet released. However, it is available to be wish listed on Steam. It will also be released on Xbox. Find more information on the official website and kickstarter. If you’re interested in The Wandering Village, feel free to check out the trailer here: