“Littlewood” Rebuilding and Farming After the Great War

After defeating the Dark Wizard, it's time to rebuild!

I sit here writing this at my University library, waiting for my clan to be done with their last final of the semester. I’m tired emotionally and physically and just ready for this long week to be over. As I push through these final hours, I carved out a bit of time for a new farming delight, one that brings me back to my RuneScape days. Speaking of have you ever wondered what an Animal Crossing, Stardew Valley, and RuneScape baby would be like? To be honest, I haven’t even thought about RuneScape in a decade however, once I started playing this weird hybrid game I was hooked. Let me welcome you to Littlewood.

littlewood title screen
Source: Littlewood

Littlewood appears to start where a massive war ended. Our main character is a hero that defeated the Dark Wizard but lost their memory in the process. After awakening one morning to a strange woman named Willow, our character is informed that they are now in charge of this town and the people that will eventually reside in it. No pressure, right? The protagonist is quickly given the task of creating homes for newcomers, a fair-trade market, general store, and eventually a Mayor’s office. Seems like a tough gig for someone that couldn’t remember their own name only a few days ago!

create a character
Source: Littlewood

Aside from being the master builder and material gatherer, the hero can occupy their time in a variety of ways. In the town of Solemn, there is also fishing, mining, farming, bug catching, cooking, crafting and becoming a Tarott Master. Of course, the farming and quintessential RPG simulator elements grappled my attention however, what in the world is a Tarott Master? After doing a little digging, I found that all of the Dark Wizard’s goons were sealed away into these cards and now townsfolks trade them almost mimicking Magic the Gathering. This game became more exciting the more I learned about it and I was eager to get started.

hero of Solemn
Source: Littlewood

After the initial downloading sequence, I was immediately blasted with a borage of color and exciting characters dancing along the home screen. This is when I created my ruby haired maiden named Paige and got to work. I managed to create a few homes for a variety of unique characters, a bird that loves to cook and an older man that once taught Paige to fish. The backstory behind each character is extremely intricate and intertwined with one other. It was amazing to see how everyone viewed the harrowing war only a short time ago.

survived the fight
Source: Littlewood

I just have to rave that the fishing mechanics were incredibly easy, I didn’t have to worry about stamina, and materials weren’t too difficult to fine. Littlewood is one of the most relaxing games I have played throughout the years and I appreciate the causal nature of things. No one is yelling at me for rent money and trying to slay me with a sword. It’s peaceful, enjoyable, and the perfect end to a difficult semester. I highly recommend Littlewood and look forward to the full release within the coming month on Steam.


  1. Backed this on Kickstarter and eagerly awaiting the release. Glad to see it looks like I’m not waiting in vain.

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