The internet has made more changes to our lives than anyone could have ever predicted. One that has come as a surprise is the impetus it has given to classic games that are increasingly popular online among both millennials and Generation X-ers.

Here is our guide to some of the best classic games you can play online today.


This is an old school classic. The incredibly addictive Tetris is also available to play online on sites like this. The tile-matching puzzle was first released back in 1984 and some gaming fans may be surprised to learn it was actually developed in the Soviet Union.

Tetris became universally popular on a variety of video game consoles and it has always adapted with the times. For example, iPod users were able to play Tetris on their device. Now everyone has the internet available in the palm of their hand thanks to the rise of smartphones, games like Tetris are becoming more popular once more.


Yes, believe it or not, bingo is also thriving as we continue to move through the 21st century. Previously seen as quite an old-fashioned game played mainly by the older generation, the internet has had a huge impact on the way bingo is seen by the general public.

There are many reasons why bingo is having something of a resurgence online. These games allow users to play along with others from around the world rather than just those in their respective halls. There are also the added benefits of playing online. You’ll have far more control over your game with features like autoplay and automatic card-sorting. This really takes a simple game of numbered balls and dabber pens into the 21st century.

Online bingo allows people to join a like-minded community and play for real money without even having to leave their own home. Sites such as this have various promotions and offers that are up for grabs in order to attract those who are brand new to the game. 


As well as video games, classic board games have also been given a boost by the internet. Monopoly has always been a family favourite, even though games can stretch into hours and lead to lots of frustration if people refuse to do deals on property.

The internet has enabled Monopoly to be a much quicker game and there are multiple ways to play it online now, including with your friends. While there is still nothing quite like sitting down to a game of Monopoly with loved ones, the internet allows fans of Monopoly to have a much quicker game if they want to do so.

Star Fox 2

The incredibly rare Star Fox 2 is set for a boost in popularity thanks to its impending release on the Switch Online service run by Japanese videogames giant Nintendo. The action game, which was developed in conjunction with Argonaut Software for the Super Nintendo Entertainment System (SNES) but was not released at the time.

It took over two decades for Star Fox 2 to see the light of day, when it was met with a series of glowing reviews, having been ahead of its time. Now, Switch Online subscribers will have the chance to play Star Fox 2 along with games such as Breath of Fire 2 and Kirby Super Star. Retro games are alive and thriving.