The last time we dove into the world of Dimension 20, we found ourselves shrouded in misfits and magic. The lovely Game Master, Aabria Iyengar, guided Erika Ishii, Brennan Lee Mulligan, Danielle Radford, and Lou Wilson through a tale of friendship. We will dive into another Dimension 20 side quest, Shriek Week, filled with romance and questionable morals this week.

Shriek Week
Source: Dimension 20’s Shriek Week

The Cast

Gabe HicksGame Master
Ally BeardsleyMegan Mirror
Dani FernandezSeven
Ify NwadiweTerry Talbo
Lily DuTuti IV
A table of the players and their characters or role in this campaign.

The System

Shriek Week used the Mythic system, which Game Master Gabe Hicks created. If a player must make a skill or major roll, they roll the number of D10 equal to their skill level. For a player to succeed, they must roll a seven or above on at least one die. Rolling a one with no successes results in a critical failure, while rolling a ten is a critical success no matter what the other dice rolls are. Overall, this seems like a fun system that would be easy to implement with players unfamiliar with tabletop role-playing games.

The Story

This story takes place on the college campus of Bram University, which is not unlike one in any college town. The one significant difference being monsters and humans co-exist. Here we followed the senior year of four monsters, all related to prominent figures in the community—first, Megan Mirror, a ghostly psychology major with love for fermentation. Second, Seven, a vampire majoring in accounting with a minor in Brujería. Third, Terry Talbo, the werewolf majoring in business who loves the theater. Finally, Tuti IV, the mummy majoring in structural engineering with a passion for photography. Together, these seniors find themselves on the hunt for love before the infamous Van Helsing’s end-of-the-year party. Aside from finding a romance partner, the protagonists must also keep Bram University safe from some otherworldly being. In the end, perhaps this university is a little more different than your typical college campus.


I adored this side quest; however, I am sure that does not come as a surprise. Hicks is a wonderful DM with many wild ideas. This is a world I would love to jump into their world again. They included a variety of monsters from different folklore throughout the world, and I found that refreshing. As a psychology major, I found Megan Mirror’s interpretation of our stereotypes hilarious. I met quite a few peers that acted similarly. It was also fun to watch Terry and Seven find love with their respected partners. Finally, watching Tuti come out of her shell was the transformation that made the season for me. Overall, this was an excellent campaign, and if you would like to see it for yourself, head on down to DropOut TV.