Before I get on with my round-up of last week’s UK episodes, I need to say that I’m so proud of Neighbours fans for the way we’ve reacted to the news that our beloved soap might be ending. When I saw that the theme tune had gone to number one in the UK iTunes chart it put such a big smile on my face. If we don’t manage to save Neighbours, we can say that we tried as hard as we could. Neighbours is so good at the moment, I was only thinking as I watched today’s episode that it just seems to be getting better and better, it would be a tragedy to lose it now.

Paul is in Denial

I’ve got so much to say about Paul this week that I almost don’t know where to start. He’s in total denial over the fact that Terese has split up with him again because of his lying and manipulation. Considering that this is why they split up in the first place, the fact that he managed to persuade her to get back together with him and then immediately did the same thing again was the world’s biggest red flag, which is the size it needed to be for Terese to finally see it. She’s had enough, and no amount of begging and tantrums are going to change her mind.

The best stunt that Paul pulled was trying to bring Karl and Susan in to “mediate” between him and Terese, on the basis that Karl has cheated on Susan more than once and she’s still taken him back. The plan was doomed to fail from the very start, and basically descended into Paul and Karl sniping at each other, with Paul saying that the Kennedys’ marriage had been, “a train wreck countless times over.” When Karl takes exception to the fact that all Paul is doing is criticizing them, Paul clarifies that he’s just criticizing Karl. Karl might not have laughed, but I did.

When this idiotic plan fails to persuade Terese, Paul decides to write a letter and Terese promptly returns it, along with her ring and tells him she wants a divorce. She then throws a bit of a celebration in her garden with Glen, Roxy, and Ned. Even Harlow shows up for a bit, and she’s been on Team Paul forever. When even Harlow can see that you’re being an absolute spatula, you’re in big trouble, Paul.

Sad Paul is sad. Photo: © Channel 5. Source: Digital Spy

Zara’s Turning Into a Stalker

Zara has been fairly unbalanced ever since she arrived on Ramsay Street, and her behaviour is becoming even worse. She is constantly giving everyone sass, including her teachers, and her fixation on Hendrix is getting very unhealthy. She’s got a major crush on him but is also trying to impress her evil friends, Crabbe and Goyle, by convincing them that he feels the same way about her. When Hendrix orders a necklace for Mackenzie, Zara intercepts the parcel so that she can pretend he gave it to her. Hendrix is totally oblivious, but Mackenzie is starting to get annoyed with how much attention he’s giving to Zara. Hendrix is a loveable Labrador, and he’s just trying to help out a kid who’s troubled like he was until fairly recently. Mackenzie is smart enough to see that there’s something not quite right with the situation though. Her view is probably coloured by the fact that Zara is about as enjoyable to live with as a six-foot spider would be, and so she’s hot-footed it over the road to live with Chloe instead, but she’s not wrong to be worried about what Zara wants from Hendrix.

Aaron is Being Insufferable

I just cannot with Aaron at the moment, he is being so unbearable. David wants to tread lightly with the parenting arrangements while Leo is still coming to terms with his grief because he’s hoping that Leo will decide to keep Abigail and that he just needs a little bit of time. Meanwhile, Aaron is desperately trying to lock Abigail in as his and David’s daughter. He’s not speaking to Nicolette about it, and he just keeps steamrollering everything David says. He even goes to speak to Leo about a legal agreement behind David’s back, and David is understandably furious when he finds out and declares that he isn’t going to sign the papers. Aaron is being utterly ridiculous about this whole thing, and I find it a bit gross that he’s so keen to capitalise on Leo’s grief in order to bag himself another baby. What is it with Brennan men and their desperation to have kids? It’s nice to want to be a father, but you can’t just go taking other people’s babies, Aaron. During one of Aaron and David’s arguments, Aaron says, “I’m sorry, but this is happening,” which is absolutely not the standpoint you should be taking with your partner about what’s for dinner, let alone taking your brother-in-law’s child off him.

Photo: © Channel 5. Source: Digital Spy

Leo casually tells Paul he’s about to sign away his parental rights and declares himself to “have a weight off” since coming to the decision, which is an incredibly curious way to describe foisting your child off on someone else. It’s not often that I agree with Paul Robinson, but he absolutely blasts Leo and tells him he’s making a huge mistake. It is a bit rich when he tells him that, “you do not get to give up on being a father,” and that, “it’s for life,” though. This is coming from Paul Robinson, the man who has been estranged from every one of his seventy-six children, almost half of whom he only got to know as adults. Talk about the pot calling the kettle black.

Mama Jugs Has Disappeared

We had one of the most bizarre exits from the show last week, and that’s in the world where people pack up their entire life and move to Switzerland within a few hours. Sheila appeared in a scene mid-week and then was never seen again. We were told she was on the phone to Naomi in LA, then the next thing we were told was that she’d flown out there, and I understand that she won’t be back. I gather that this is due to contract issues – with the show potentially ending there was no sense in renewing Colette Mann’s contact. But surely they could have hired her on a freelance basis for a couple of days to film her exit, rather than have her just disappear? It’s very bizarre, and I hope they don’t do it this way with any other characters.

Farewell, Mama Jugs. © Channel 5. Source: Digital Spy.

Levi’s in Trouble

Freya confesses to Levi that she’s been using him to try to help her find her missing boyfriend, and Levi is justifiably hurt and angry. He says he wants nothing more to do with her, but he keeps doing the exact opposite of that and involving himself with her. He starts to try to track down her boyfriend himself and goes snooping around at a run-down house, where he promptly hears someone pull a gun on him. Honestly, how is this guy still a cop? He goes rogue more often than I change my socks, despite banging on and on about how he has to follow the rules. What did he think was going to happen if he started waltzing around looking for someone with gang ties while wearing his full police uniform? Did he think they were going to invite him in for a bulletproof coffee and some bacon, or whatever the heck it is he can eat on his keto diet? I would make a better police officer than him and I am a very tired nerd with a real passion for sitting down. Sort yourself out, Levi.