This season is definitely a lot darker than Season 1. Dodge/Lucas/Gabe has an agenda and he will stop at nothing to achieve it. That means taking out anyone who stands in his way. Becoming anything or anyone to get what he wants. The Locke house also has many secrets, not only the keys that are hidden within it. The original keepers of the keys are mostly all dead now. Only Duncan, Erin, and Ellie are still alive. Well, we aren’t so sure about Ellie since she was tossed inside the omega door. However, we do know that Dodge and now Eden are demons. Those bullets that shot out of the door hit Eden last season and now she is in cahoots with Dodge who thinks she controls everything.

Erin’s return to the real world is not exactly what the Locke kids anticipated or expected. She tries to warn them about the dangers of the keys but they don’t listen. Erin wants them to give her all the keys but they just think that she is freaking out because she has been literally stuck in her head all this time. Kinsey and Tyler disregard her and decide to keep the keys. Bode locates a tiny key but he can’t find where it goes. And he doesn’t have time to look longer because he has a playdate with Jaime.

Nina and Bode go to Josh and Jaime’s home. Bode and Jaime are hitting things off pretty well and he begins to share the keys with her. Now, remember they have a complete replica of Key house and Jaime shows Bode, who uses the key. When Bode puts the key in the door, the house lights up the roof comes off and you can see what’s going on inside the house including the people in it. Bode is excited and they explore the house a bit. But he accidentally leaves the key in the door but Jaime grabs it for him for safekeeping.

Dodge/Gabe and Eden are intent on making a key. Gabe thinks he has all the information he needs to make a key. Even though he is about to get what he wants he can tell the Kinsey is distancing himself from her and he thinks that Scot is behind it. Gabe then starts a fight and makes Scot look like a rage monster. His evil plan works for a little bit but some things don’t add up when the anywhere key turns up and they know Dodge was the last one to have it. Especially Scot’s behavior because he is not in any way aggressive. Kinsey thinks someone is controlling him with the music box key. With that Gabe/Dodge’s plan works and Kinsey is worried about Gabe. It sucks that the cost of that little trick was the anywhere key.

Back at Key house, things seem normal and the kids are waiting for Duncan to finish cooking. Bode and Jaime have been seeing what the tiny key can do and not only can they see the house but they can put things in the house too. They enlarge if small objects are placed in the dollhouse. So, Bode goes downstairs for dinner and finds the house covered in webs. A spider has invaded the dollhouse and it’s huge and on the attack. Eventually, Bode reaches out to Jaime for help.

Seems like making a key isn’t going to be as easy as Dodge thinks. And it blows up in their faces quite literally. Then we learn that keys can be made but only by Locke’s and Erin also tells a secret. They made a key. Well, Duncan made a key. He doesn’t remember it because they took his memories of the magic away. But those actions have had many tragic consequences. Opening that door released Dodge and she has been trying to wreak havoc ever since. Now, Erin wants to try to right these wrongs, starting with giving Duncan back his memories.