Some might say that the Jurassic Park/World franchise has simply gotten to the point where Universal Pictures is just beating the skeletal remains of an extinct T-Rex, but I myself have never been let down by any of the sequels since the original release of the infamous, and beloved 1993 Spielberg classic. Even Joe Johnston’s Jurassic Park 3 is worth watching; it’s a short and simple thrill ride from beginning to end, but its lackluster performance at the box office did make Universal Pictures and Amblin Entertainment take a step back and rethink what direction to take the infamous franchise.

Seeming to take inspiration from the Walt Disney Parks by changing Jurassic Park to Jurassic World has resulted in a second trilogy starring new leading talent Bryce Dallas Howard and Chris Pratt. With the first two new films being worldwide billion-dollar box office champs, of course, there was going to be a third. With the third entry, Jurassic World Dominion comes the return of the three main leads of the original film:  Laura Dern, Sam Neil (who were last seen in Jurassic Park 3), and Jeff Goldblum (who had a small cameo in Jurassic Park Fallen Kingdom), as well as the return of BD Wong as Dr. Henry Wu.

The plot of Jurassic World Dominion is set 4 years after Isla Nublar was destroyed by the eruption of the island’s volcano, rendering it unlivable. Since the dinosaurs who survived by being captured, then escaping to live on the mainlands of the rest of the world, are now mingling among humanity and the animal kingdom. It has caused nature to become unbalanced in a world where two apex predators, Humans, and Dinosaurs, now share the same era in Earth’s history.

From what I see in the trailer below, it looks epic, fun, and fantastic. The Jurassic Park franchise has really shown how movies have …. evolved in the past 30 years.