Many video games are becoming popular not only because of its fascinating storyline and stylish graphics, but also because sometimes celebrities take part in their voicing. By the way, today free slots with bonus features are gaining more popularity, which are a great alternative to video games, especially for those people who want to make some money. So, let’s go back to the voice-over of video games by celebrities. Why did this trend start to develop and what is the purpose of it? 

First of all, it is important to understand that the voices of celebrities are well recognized, so game producers decided to make a kind of advertisement for their products, and the voices of famous people helped them in this. The interest in such video games instantly increased and they started to be in great demand.


 Professional voiceover is a delicate skill that not everyone can do, but public figures often face speeches and their speech is perfectly prepared, which is why they can voice popular characters from video games. Modern characters often imitate the appearance of actors or even copy their habits. 

So, let’s find out which celebrities have voiced the most iconic video games and what has come out of it. We are sure that it will be very interesting, because you do not even know about some points. We’re here to tell you some amazing facts about the scoring of the most popular games by celebrities. So let’s dive into this and find out the most valuable and intriguing information.

Assassin’s Creed

The famous American actress Kristen Bell voiced the main character in the game. It was an incredible success, because no one expected such a thing from Kristen. Thanks to her valuable contribution to the game, the number of users instantly increased. The game became one of the best games and became actively discussed on the Internet. The actress herself was very happy about this unique experience, because it is very interesting and unusual.This happened in 2007, when Bell was invited to voice the character Lucy Stillman. After her incredible success, she also took part in the voice-over of the game character in Assassin’s Creed II, which was released in 2009 and the next part of Assassin’s Creed: Brotherhood. The actress was incredibly proud of herself, so she thought she was worthy of big royalties for her work.  As for the actress’ appearance, she was perfect for the image of Lucy. With the help of computer technology, her unique image was created, combined with excellent movement features. 

Beyond: Two Souls

This video game just amazes people by the quality of graphics and all the actions. It is created in the genre of a psychological thriller and keeps the player in suspense throughout the entire gameplay. The voice actors Elliot Page and Willem Dafoe, who were nominated for an Oscar, were involved in the voice acting. Elliot Page portrayed in the game a young Jodie, who lives in foster care and has psychic powers. Jodie is mysteriously connected to a creature named Aiden, who one day nearly commits the murder of a child. Jodie’s worried parents decide to seek help from Dr. Nathan Dawkins, voiced by Willem Dafoe. It was an incredibly successful collaboration, as the actors’ voices perfectly matched the characters. In addition, Nathan Dawkins very accurately copied the features of the actor’s appearance, which made the game even more interesting and got a lot of recognition. Such an external resemblance simply can’t help but attract attention. 


Cyberpunk 2077

This action video game came as a real shock to fans of Keanu Reeves, who was confirmed to voice Johnny Silverhand in 2018. The character almost completely imitates the appearance of the famous Canadian actor. The role of the antagonist Dexter DeShawn went to American actor Michael-Leon Wooley. He is known as the main villain of the game forever. The talented actor and writer Jason Hightower, who played the role of Jackie Welles, took an active part in the process of voicing one of the characters. As for the main character, whose name is V, he was voiced by four different actors, depending on which gender of the character the player chooses. This protagonist was voiced by Gavin Drea, Kamil Kula, Cherami Leigh and Lidia Sadowa. 


A unique series of adventure video games that has become incredibly popular due to its dynamic story, impressive graphics and of course, voice acting, featuring celebrities such as Chloë Grace Moretz, Lena Headey, John Slattery, Michael Madsen and others. It should be noted that they coped with their task perfectly, because the voices of the characters actively expresses their thoughts and feelings. 

The celebrities managed to achieve the effect of the harmony of the characters and their correspondence to the atmosphere of the game. This game is still very popular, both adults and children play it, but it is very challenging, its design is very dark and even intimidating, so the voices of the characters often sound sinister, but this only adds to the charm of the game. For example, Corvo Attano, who is the main protagonist of the game, was voiced by the famous American actor Stephen Russell. It should be admitted that it was a very successful experiment, which brought fame to the game. The character Emily Kaldwin was voiced in the children’s version by Chloë Grace Moretz and in the adult version by Erica Luttrell. As for the main antagonist Delilah Copperspoon or Delilah Kaldwin, she was voiced by American actress Erin Cottrell.

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

This game has just stunning graphics and a surprisingly interesting storyline. The variety of game locations makes it the most dynamic, exciting and super high quality, because the game has great functionality and is an example of the highest quality video games of our time. A big bonus was the fact that the voice acting involved such celebrities as Max von Sydow, Christopher Plummer and Michael Hogan, who have a huge number of fans around the world. Ellen Dubin voiced Abelone. Addvild was voiced by Thor Edgell, and Adrianne Avenicci was voiced by Claudia Ann Christian. All of the actors were perfectly matched for their roles, which made the game receive a lot of positive feedback.

True Crime: Streets of LA

This is a popular third-person shooter video game that made a big splash with its release in 2003. At that time it was considered one of the best video games, because the developers achieved high quality graphics and created an incredibly exciting storyline. The voices of famous people, such as Russell Wong as Nicholas, Christopher Walken, Gary Oldman, Michael Madsen, Ron Perlman and others also became a significant part of the game. 

Of course, it was immediately noticeable, because the voices of these people are impossible to confuse with others, that’s why this game has gained an incredible popularity, because besides its main advantages, it has very bright characters, who speak with the voices of celebrities. Detective Nick Kang was voiced by American actor Russell Wong, and Michelle Rodriguez participated in the voicing of Rosie Velasco. Wanda Parks was a real discovery, because American actress CCH Pounder was invited to voice this character.

Sleeping Dogs

This action and crime game was released in 2012 and immediately attracted the attention of millions of users. In addition to the super interesting plot and lively graphics, it has something else, this is the voice acting. Surely many gamers appreciated the high sound quality and recognized the voices of famous Will Yun Lee, Robin Shou, James Lew, Emma Stone and others. Winston Chu was voiced by Parry Shen  and Jackie Ma was voiced by a Hong Kong-Canadian actor named Edison Chen. Parry Shen was voiced by Winston Chu and Jackie Ma was voiced by a Hong Kong-Canadian actor named Edison Chen. Kelly Hu voiced the popular Jane Teng character. 

The voice acting of several famous personalities made this game extremely popular. This video game combines a lot of advantages and is undoubtedly one of the cult games of the last decade. The huge number of gamers who prefer this particular game testifies to the fact that it really is a very decent and high-quality game that meets modern standards and brings a lot of fun to the fans.


  1. It makes the game more popular
  2. This brings even more glory to the one who voiced
  3. The game becomes more exciting and lively
  4. It allows you to get closer to your idol


  1. The game loses its significance, celebrity comes first 
  2. It can affect the reputation 


So, we came to the conclusion that modern video games are distinguished not only by the highest quality graphics, ultra stylish design and emphasis on every detail, but also by sound features, which consist in the fact that celebrities are often invited to voice the characters of the game. This practice has become very popular since the early 2000s. 

Indeed, she made a great contribution to the development of the gaming industry, increasing the demand for her products and making them even more attractive. 

Of course, using celebrity voices is a tricky move to increase the popularity of the game and cause a lot of resonance, but no one says that this is a negative side, because everyone gets their bonuses from it. Celebrities are getting even more fame, respect and recognition, game makers are getting more demand for their products, and gamers are getting an incredible gaming experience. 

With the development of this industry, manufacturers have begun to increasingly involve celebrities in the voice acting process. For many of the actors, this was a great behind-the-scenes experience and also allowed them to see the whole process from the inside.