If you are passionate about escape rooms and video games, here are ten great surprises: video games inspired by the style of real escape rooms. In some adventures, you will have to escape rooms, but in others, you will have to flee from islands or an entire solar system about to be destroyed. Will you be able to overcome them all? Аlso, explore the world of sports betting in 22Bet live betting.

1. The Room video game saga

The Room saga is a parade of atypical escape rooms. Instead of trying to get out of a locked room, you will try to enter mysterious contraptions full of gears and puzzles. Imagine a Rubik’s Cube multiplied by 1000.

In addition to original and well-designed puzzles, all The Room games exude atmosphere and mystery. There are no monsters, there are no enemies, there is no fighting, and there is no way to die. And yet, you will always look from side to side, dreading not being alone in the dark.

2. The Witness

How about escaping from an island instead of a room? It sure is more palatable.

Behind The Witness is Jonathan Blow, a video game genius who is more committed to quality than quantity. He revolutionized the puzzle genre with this title in several ways: the progression is less linear than usual, to begin. Next, you will find that a puzzle that you have just solved was gear from another riddle.

Don’t be sorry before you start! Despite having 0 instructions, you will learn organically how each puzzle works thanks to the excellent game design. Some puzzles are hidden tutorials that will help you understand even more complex mechanisms.

3. 9 Hours, 9 Persons, 9 Doors

Do you want a more narrative escape room? Well, you are going to love this visual novel. You wake up and suffering from amnesia in the cabin of a ship. Discover that you are part of 9 kidnapped people who must escape from a series of rooms. But nothing, absolutely nothing, is what it seems.

Although the puzzles are lighter than those of other games on this list, the plot of 9 Hours, 9 Persons, 9 Doors is one of those that grabs your brain and churns out it. If you end up in love with their world, there are two equally great sequels: Virtue’s Last Reward (with more puzzles) and Zero Time Dilemma. The three games make up the excellent Zero Escape trilogy.

4. The House of Da Vinci 1 and 2

Are you passionate about everything related to Leonardo Da Vinci, the genius of the Renaissance? Well, in these two games, you go into his house to discover why this legend has disappeared. And you will find that he invented the first escape room: you will come across puzzles around every corner you cross.

If you are an amateur in the escape room genre, start with these two games. It has a more developed story, the clues are clear, and the resolutions are base on logic.

5. Outer Wilds

Despite being theoretically considered an open-world game, Outer Wilds is an escape room of galactic proportions. Your solar system is a few minutes away from disappearing, and you must figure out how to escape this ending. Now: you are trapped in an infinite time loop. When the solar system dies, you will return to the starting point.

Explore planets with different characteristics. Find out how a track in one part of the galaxy has a resolution in the other. Unravel mysteries from the past to save your future. Get a scare when you explore a definite planet. 

6. Mad Experiments: Escape Room

The real escape rooms play in groups, so, curiously, many video games inspired by this fun are for one player. One of the most welcome exceptions is Mad Experiments, a title that once went largely unnoticed and that deserves a lot more attention than it gets.

Although you can finish the game alone, the fun is to invite up to 5 more friends and try to escape the experiments of the strange professor Cheshire. There are about three chapters in total. The duration will depend on the expertise of your team. 

The puzzles are very twisted. It was created to be solved by a group of people.

7. Portal 1 and 2

 The 2 Portal games seem very typical. An AI called GLaDOS wakes you up to try to get around a series of seemingly closed rooms. She will take notes on your expertise, and in the end, who knows, there may be cake.

In practice, Valve proved again that she is one of the greats in the industry by giving you as your weapon a portal gun. That allows you to see the world differently.

The sequel has a multiplayer mode (with its puzzles and plot) and, although it may not have as many puzzles as the first installment, it will make you laugh every two by three thanks to its new and unexpected character.

8. The Painscreek Killings

Usually, the quest starts with the character getting to someplace. 

Here the protagonist, journalist Eres Janet, voluntarily enters the city. The city was mystically unpeople overnight.

It would help if you found out the mysteries hidden by the citizens of it. Although will you dare to reach the end?

The Painscreek Killings is a cleaver game closest to playing detective. You will have to explore each corner calmly and know how to interpret the clues. Be patient because the game world is long, and there are no indicators, compasses, clues, or characters that tell you where to go.

9. The Turing Test

An essential game for fans of science fiction or astronomy in general: you will enter Europa, the moon of Jupiter. In a mysteriously abandoned facility, you will run into Tom, an AI who will pose you a series of puzzles.

If the Portal games have the portal maker gun, The Turing Test has the energy manipulation tool, which allows you to transfer energy from one object to another. With this, you will solve puzzles in a new way.

10. Danganronpa 1, 2 and 3

If you are a fan of anime and its eccentric character style, why haven’t you played Danganronpa already?

In each of them, you are part of a group of teenagers who do not know each other. They have two things in common: each one is a specialist in something (the definitive baseball player or the definitive singer), and all of you are locked up, and you won’t get out until won a bleak game.

The diabolical premise is this: if you murder one of your companions and get no one to blame you in the subsequent trial, you will be able to escape. Otherwise, you will die atrociously. So you will have to collect clues and participate in crazy and energetic experiences where plot twists are the order of the day. 

Play them in order because each sequel contains spoilers for what happened before!