Teaser of Machinist Class from roadmap set to release in September.

Week by week, many of Lost Ark’s problems have been slow but surely fixed by Smilegate and Amazon Games. The bot problems are being dealt with on a weekly basis and with some of the most recent updates, there is plenty of content for players. So much so that one of the largest problems in the Lost Ark community is burnout. With this being the case, it is high time to begin appreciating the game for what it is right now and where it is going.

Let’s start by quickly reviewing the most recent update to the game in late July. A new summer boost event and powerpass were given to all players, effectively giving everyone a new character to play in the most relevant content. Also, a new summer waterpark event was added to give players more materials to get their characters up to the highest levels of content. Finally, some of the most exciting content additions were Challenge Dungeons, a new Mage sub-class (the Arcanist) using tarot cards as her weapon, and Inferno mode Valtan.  This new difficulty of Valtan is the hardest content in the game so far and is expected that only around 1% of the player base will ever complete it. Inferno mode Valtan is just that hard.

Moving on, Lost Ark players also have a decent amount of content to look forward to coming in August and September. For the full details, please look find the roadmap here.

Now, let’s break down the roadmap by the most exciting content that players can look forward to in Lost Ark for the next couple of months. First, players will finally be able to fight and defeat one of the main protagonists in Lost Ark. He appeared sporadically throughout the main storyline and really made his debut in the main zone of the game in Punika. It’s the Kakul-Saydon Legion raid. For those who are not familiar, Kakul-Saydon is the evil clown who is able to infect others with malicious energy and make them fight for him. Unlike all other past Legion raids like Vykas and Valtan, Kakul-Saydon will only have 1 difficulty (normal) that is unlocked at item level 1475 and the party size to face him will be 4 instead of 8 like in other Legion raids. There will be a difficulty below normal for this Legion raid called ‘Midnight Circus: Rehearsal’ that opens to players at item level 1385, but the rewards are minimal at best and do not compare to what players will get in normal mode in the slightest. This will be released in September.

Another September release is a new class, the Machinist. This is one of the classes the community is looking forward to the most. It is a sub class of the male gunner class and uses a mech suit to fight as well as deploys a drone to fight alongside him. The cool aesthetics are not the only reason this class is so good though. It is also one of the cheapest classes in the game get to achieve its best level of damage output, making it a good class to have as an alternative character.

Finally, some of the less popular content to come, there will be some quality-of-life updates to PVP, Guild and cross-server content and communications. While these are not seen as big by much of the player-base, it is a move in the right direction to improving Lost Ark as an overall game. There will also be a Pet Ranch feature released in August, giving players the ability to interact more with their pets in-game. Finally, new in-game purchases, namely skins, will be released for all classes in September. This is generally most appealing to players who are frequent spenders on Lost Ark but benefits all players because they can be put on the in-game marketplace for gold.