Once again, real-life trickles over into the television world. May is now a dispatcher in training, and she takes a call from a lady complaining about her neighbor living life. The lady screams she’s been shot, but after some digging found out, it was children with water guns. The caller is not happy with May’s response, and while on the phone, she starts shouting, and a gunshot goes off. May is thunderstruck and worries that it was her fault.

The 118 and Athena respond to the call, and the investigation begins into the death of the 911 caller, whose name is Delia Narwood. The police do a little digging into who the lady really is and find out that she is a piece of work. But still, she is a victim, and that requires finding out who killed her. In the meantime, Chimney is having trouble keeping a Buckley family secret that involves Buck. Maddie swore Chim to secrecy, but he’s finding it difficult to both keep the secret and find an ally.

Upon further digging, Delia was a hot mess who terrorized her neighbors. Lawsuits and multiple unnecessary complaints. She even poisoned a dog. The dog survived, but she’s the victim. One kicker in the investigation is that all the neighbors had complaints against her, and they all had alibis.

Evan’s parents have intruded on his life at the invitation of Maddie. Buck isn’t too happy with it at all, and Chim has recruited his family to help, albeit unwillingly. The visit is uncomfortable, and the awkwardness is palpable—absent parents who just judge their children. There is a lot of strain between them, and before long, emotions bubble to the surface and spill out of Buck. Buck feels that his parents don’t love him, and he can tell because there is no baby box for him like there is for Maddie.

All that has to be put on hold when May gets a bomb threat call. Chim ends up with the trigger man, and he talks the guy down a little bit by sharing his secret with the perpetrator. He’s not a bad guy, but life just threw him some lemons. So instead of making lemonade, he made a bomb. Chim managed to disarm him and save many lives.

In the end, the murderer turned out to be very interesting, not the lady she was blackmailing, and you’ll have to watch the episode to find out who it actually was. Granted, Delia deserved what she got cause she was horrible. With the murder solved, Athena gets praised for a job well done for May. She took the bomb call, and it was her first day flying solo. Athena is shocked and then very proud of her daughter.

Buck and Maddie talk after the disastrous meeting with their parents. He apologizes for getting upset, and Buck looks through Maddie’s baby box. He comes across a photo that he thinks is him, and he realizes it’s a picture of someone else. That someone else was their brother Daniel, who passed away. The Buckley family secret.