We’ve seen Annalise Keating broken, bloodied and bowed somewhat. This week’s episode gave us an Annalise that hasn’t been seen previously: apathetic Annalise. She’s lackluster on her cases, she’s irritated with the interns and her most pressing matter? Finding the optimal time for her next nap.

The dynamic shift is sudden and throws the interns for a loop. Suddenly, Bonnie is back in Annalise’s good graces and is-for all intents and purposes-the boss. Bonnie is collating evidence and keeping Keating and Associates afloat. It’s an interesting view: Bonnie appears calm, collected and controlled. It’s a far cry from her character arc earlier this season.

In the many flashbacks employed in the episode, we see more of very pregnant, past Annalise (and very much alive and happy Sam) doing what she does: lawyering like a boss with the original Keating interns (check out a long-haired Bonnie!). We see baby Keating on a sonogram, strong heartbeat and all. Am I the only one who realllllly wants to know what the deuce happened to Annalise and Sam’s baby?! Pete Nowak and co. are giving me major anxiety over what (or where) happened to baby Keating.

While in past life Keating viewing, we see Annalise showing a file of some type to Christophe’s (aka Wes) mom. My theory is the hedgefunder on the cover of the article could possibly be Christophe’s father. A working theory, but a theory nonetheless.

I must give a special shout out to Paula Newsome for her guest starring turn as a grieving mother. Oh, I didn’t mention that Frank admitted to Laurel that he murdered Lila? We shall discuss that during another time and another place. Perhaps.

Maybe. Possibly. Not.