So after much debate with my son, surprisingly my husband did not weigh-in, I am bringing you colorless mana. If you are new to Magic, mana is the land in the game. You need it to power your spells. In the past five articles, I have said that there are five colors of mana: blue, white, green, black, and red. However, my son convinced me that colorless also needed to be covered because it is exciting and isn’t common to use.

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I have never really thought about colorless as a mana source because it isn’t a usual land option. It wasn’t until Battle for Zendikar that there was a need colorless mana symbol. Mainly because of the new, at the time, devoid ability. The devoid ability means that a card is colorless no matter what color there is in the mana cost. Up until this point, “colorless” mana had been what was/is generic. That has been in place since Alpha. The gray circle with a number inside it is “generic” mana. This means you can use any color mana to pay the cost. The colorless symbol is the first image in this article. The colorless mana is called Wastes, which ends up being called Waste lands, which is clever.

I was talking to my son Jack, who has helped me with several articles here at TGON, about colorless mana. As we debated if it should be included, I found out that he really likes the Wastes. Wastes power things like the Eldrazi, Myrs, artifacts, and constructs. Pretty much anything that has no color is all part of Wastes lands. He likes all those creatures. He feels it is versatile against things that have color protections, such as Akroma Memorial or COPs.

Source Scryfall

He explains that colorless is not a commonly used “mono,” meaning a one-color deck. However, cost does factor into a full mono colorless deck. The good colorless spell is expensive—both the cost of the actual card and the cost of the spell. Jack likes playing uncommonly used decks. They are the most fun to play, and opponents rarely have a defense against them. You should hear this boy talk about all the ways he would love to destroy an opponent with his ideal deck.

What are your thoughts on colorless as a color? Or as a mana source? Would you consider trying to play a colorless deck? Let me know in the comments below. Until next time!