I wrote the last Ramsay Street round-up, blinked, and then all of a sudden, it’s time for a new one. So be aware, my delightful Aussie friends, that this is a round-up of last week’s UK episodes because I think we might still be slightly ahead of you. Nevertheless, it’s been an entertaining week, so let’s get on with it.

Vera Punt Turns Up to Brighten Our Lives

Leo holds a weird ladies’ afternoon to try to get investors for his distillery business, and a strange array of Erinsborough ladies turn up. Amongst them is Vera Punt, who admits that she’s only really there to see if she can get another compensation claim because getting injured at events is her specialty. Vera sets out to be as awful as she possibly can as soon as she gets there, referring to Leo as both “Stretch” and “Stringbean,” which I enjoyed immensely. She particularly riles up Nicolette, and the two of them have a real ding-dong while Leo is trying to pitch the idea of investing in his barrels of gin, or whatever the heck he’s making. It all ends with Vera being told that she has “a big mouth and a blind hairdresser” and having gin thrown in her face. More Vera Punt please, she’s absolutely hilarious. I would love her to be at Kyle and Roxy’s wedding.

Nicolette takes a Punt at Vera. Photo: © Channel 5. Source: Digital Spy

Harlow Thinks She Can Be Vile With No Consequences

Harlow learns that Roxy has asked Mackenzie to be her bridesmaid and is furious that she’s been snubbed. It’s bizarre that she didn’t already know she wasn’t going to be a bridesmaid, considering that she finds this out mere days before the wedding, but it still seems to be news to her. She blows up at Roxy, who tells her in no uncertain terms why she didn’t ask Harlow – because she’s shown zero interest in Roxy, Kyle’s health, or the wedding for weeks. Roxy even tried to ask her, despite how self-centered she’s been lately, but Harlow just wanged on about Glen until Roxy gave up and asked Mackenzie instead.

Harlow is embracing life without compassion with gusto, as she claims she’s happier when she doesn’t care about things, but she also seems to have zero awareness of how her actions might be seen by other people. It’s one thing to not care about what you say or whose feelings you hurt, but then to be offended when nobody wants to be around you is incredibly odd. I’m still enjoying Evil Harlow, though. It’s fun having a mini Robinson villain, especially one who’s so oblivious to how much everyone dislikes her.

Glen Makes a Move

Glen and Terese draw ever closer, and when Leo finds out he’s been sleeping at the distillery, Terese offers him a room at her house. We can all see where this is going, including Paul, who is hopping mad (no pun intended) about Glen seemingly making a move on Terese. He decides to tell Terese that he’s going to be the bigger man and not make a big deal out of her arrangement with Glen, but then he’s secretly apoplectic when he sees Glen touch Terese’s arm while they’re out on the street. I wonder how long he’ll manage to rein in his garbage personality and not interfere with Terese’s life – I’m going to bet it won’t be for long because Paul is Paul.

Terese leans on Glen. Literally. Photo: © Channel 5. Source: Digital Spy

Mick Continues to Be a Fabulous Disaster

We all know my thoughts on Mick and how spectacular I think he is, but he’s about to make an absolute dog’s dinner of Kyle and Roxy’s wedding. Unfortunately for them, it’s on the day of their hen and bucks parties they discover that their “knight in floral velvet” has been playing a little bit fast and loose with their wedding plans.

Kyle and Roxy are both having the lamest hen and bucks nights ever – with Roxy having hers in her place of work, and Kyle had his in his grandma’s pub, complete with music from Dr. Karl and matching T-shirts with a missing apostrophe. Meanwhile, Sheila and Susan actually have a conversation about the wedding (which nobody else seems to have done), and they realise that Mick is not really planning it as such. He’s just saying a lot of things while strutting around in a loud jacket and carrying a clipboard. A distraught Roxy cancels the wedding when she learns that Mick’s organised next to nothing for it, but I hope the neighbours can talk her round because I’m desperate to see what a Mick-planned wedding actually looks like. I’m also never going to be over him calling Ned “Polly Pocket” – Mick is my absolute favourite.

Toadie Says What We’re All Thinking

Definitely, not my favourite is Zara, who has gone to great lengths to rub everyone up the wrong way since she arrived. She truly surpasses herself this week, though, demanding that her mum takes a break from both of her boyfriends. Amy doesn’t want to, but she relents and speaks to Ned and Levi about taking a break while Zara is in town. Zara sees this conversation occurring and jumps to the conclusion that Amy hasn’t cooled things off with them after all, and she decides the best way to deal with that is to muscle in on Levi’s spa afternoon and then accuse him of sexual assault. If I’d had done something like this as a teenager, my mum would have knocked me into the middle of next week, but Amy reacts as though it’s no big deal.

Zara. UGH. Photo: © Channel 5. Source: Digital Spy

Zara comes to help Hendrix and Mackenzie make jelly shots for Roxy’s hen party, and, despite specifically being asked not to, she adds vodka to the shots, which are supposed to be non-alcoholic. Of course, Nell ends up eating one of the boozy shots, and Toadie goes from merely spluttering in the background every time Zara does anything to being downright livid with her. He yells at Amy about her bratty daughter and her terrible parenting skills, saying what we’ve all been thinking since Zara arrived. Bravo, Toad.

I’m currently torn between wanting Zara to go through the Neighbours normalisation process to become nice and wanting her to stay evil. She’d make an excellent friend for Harlow, and lord knows she could do with a couple of those right now.