World of Warcraft Classic Season of Mastery Gold is the main currency. It can be utilized to buy various game items, such as consumables, mounts, weapons, pets, armors, etc.

Season of Mastery Gold, also called WoW Classic SoM Gold, can be farmed in many ways. For instance, players can farm mobs all day with little effort. When they die, mobs will drop Gold. SoM gold can be earned by selling trash items to vendors and putting valuable items up for auction. Players can also ranch crafting maps and sell them on AH.

Due to some new changes, farming Classic WoW gold will differ somewhat from farming Classic WoW gold, including more challenging raid content and no world buffs. It becomes considerably more difficult as World of Warcraft gold is hard to obtain. Many players recommend MmoGah as a reliable and professional source to buy cheap and fast SoM gold.

Instead of farming Gold yourself, you can buy Gold from a third party like MmoGah.

How to buy Season of Mastery Gold in WoW Classic

1. Mailbox

SoM gold will be mailed to your in-game mailbox by our supplier. A delivery email will be sent to you when we have delivered all or part of your order. You can pick up your Gold in a city or town mailbox within an hour after being informed. Please do not click the “Return” button on the mail we sent you with Gold.

2. Auction House

At the Auction House, buying and selling items is a great way to make Gold without leaving the city. The trick is to understand how the markets work so you can make money. Gold can be made by buying items when they are cheap and selling them at a higher price. However, that’s easy to say, and it can be risky if you predict incorrectly and the price of the item you buy drops. You must research each server and faction to make Gold off the Auction House.

If you add one or a few items to your Auction House order that total 5% more than the total amount of your order, we will compensate you for the 5% AH fee. You will be notified after delivery as with the Mailbox method so that you can receive your SoM gold after an hour. Please list a rare or even epic item with an expiration time of 48 hours so that we can buy it safely.

3. Face to Face

Our supplier usually meets up with you in Azeroth to trade Gold after whispering you in the game. When our Gold is ready, you must be online. Sometimes we might ask you to mail when our Gold is ready, but you can’t be online. To secure the trade, please give us green or even better items.

4. Farming

You can always farm Gold if you don’t want to use professions to make Gold. In farming, you kill enemies who drop valuable items to sell on the Auction House or vendor. There are some new changes to farming WoW Classic Season of Mastery gold, including harder raid content and no world buffs inside raids. It makes farming harder. Moreover, all WoW players know it is difficult to make Gold. It takes a long time to avoid frustration; buying Season of Mastery gold from a reputable and professional third party is preferable, which many cite as the best place to buy fast and cheap SoM gold.