The release of CS2 is an incredible event in the gaming world. Fans of the game from all over the world are anticipating what will be new and interesting in the new version of the famous shooter. The developers immediately stated that the audio effects would improve, the maps would change, and the skins would become more detailed. 

Many were worried that the skins would disappear, but don’t worry. USP skins, like other skins, will simply be transferred to the new version and the user will not need to do anything. How will the skins change? Let’s dwell on this issue in more detail.

USP-S | Torque 

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Despite the name, the skin has a clear and stylish look. Here we can see white, black and yellow colors that blend together beautifully. It is impossible to say anything about the image, but despite this, the elements look very stylish and modern. 

It seems that the gun was black and after that white inserts and yellow lines were applied to it. If we talk about paint wear, then some elements such as the silencer and trigger lose a lot of color. At the same time, all the inscriptions don’t lose color at all. 

The prices depend on the exterior: 

  • from $1 for FN; 
  • from $0.78 for MW; 
  • from $0.55 for FT; 
  • from $0.65 for WW; 
  • from $1.37 for BS. 

In the new version, this skin is more detailed, the yellow lines are clearer, and the white color is very bright, instead of faded as in the previous version. 

USP-S | Road Rash 

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This pistol skin has its name because of its traces of asphalt. The gun itself is white in color and has a green stripe that runs along the barrel from the trigger to the end of the silencer, where an angelic-winged bullet is drawn at the end. 

The pistol already has a lot of scratches on it to begin with, meaning it doesn’t change much with long use, but to give it credit, in the worst condition it will still have enough paint to make it look better than its competitors. The Factory New exterior skin starts at $55. 

Now the white color seems brighter, and the contrast with the green stripe seems more expressive. Moreover, the developers have made deeper textures of black stripes.

USP-S | Cyrex

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On this skin, dark gray paint has been applied to the surface of the gun as a background. Partially black and partially white paint is on the surface in different places. 

Also, contrasting red elements have been applied to the surface of the pistol, which give the weapon a futuristic look. 

If we talk about the drawing, then in the new version we see smooth transitions from black to gray, while red complements the design. Previously, such details were not visible. The cost of the skin in the Factory New exterior is from $2.75. 

The unprecedented excitement for skins has already caused a slight increase in the cost. And this despite the fact that the new version has not yet been released. It is expected that the minimum growth could be 20–25%, which indicates an opportunity for traders. Such indicators can make it possible to make a profit, especially if the user has rare and collectible skins.