If you haven’t grown up with games, you can easily fall into a trap that the gaming industry doesn’t have anything to offer. As if all the games you can stumble upon are too flashy or childish for you to even give one a try. On the other hand, games are so fun and engaging to play. They can help you relax and forget about your obligations or problems for at least an hour or so.

The good news is that boomer gaming is possible. There are plenty of games you can enjoy even if you haven’t played games in the past. Stay with us to find the best games for you to try and that you will like no matter the previous experience you had with gaming.

Mobile vs. other platforms

Games are distributed across various platforms. If you haven’t grown up with games, the chances are that learning how to use these platforms is what’s keeping you from playing some interesting titles. However, everyone has a smartphone these days, and it’s quite a familiar platform. You use it to talk, send silly gifs, read the news, and install new apps daily. 

When there is no learning curve involved, you will probably find mobile gaming more attractive. The mobile platform provides you with access to some familiar and easy to play games such as Board Kings. What’s even better is you can invite your friends, play together, and share the fun!

Classic games adapted to mobile

When you take a look at what mobile has to offer, you often stumble upon these complex games that appear way too hard to play. If only there were some classic games that you used to play with your friends. The good news is that classic games are brought back to life again. Many mobile software developers offer classic games adapted for the mobile platform.

Some of the classic games have been reworked and brought to mobile platforms. Installing and playing some of these games, including Poker Heat, will deliver that familiar feeling you used to have while sitting at a table and having fun with your friends. 

The number of options you have is remarkable. There are hundreds, if not thousands, of classic games adapted to the mobile platforms. Whether you are an Android or Apple user, you will be able to find a game that suits you. 

Changing the rules to keep games fresh

If you think that old and classic games currently available on popular platforms are not attractive, you should get better informed. These games are not the exact replica of the games you used to play a decade ago. The game developers always work hard to deliver unique spins for every classic game that is about to go online.

Although they may appear the same as the game, you used to play get ready to be surprised. These classic games are new, and they come with outstanding graphics, great sound effects, and, more importantly, new rules. 

Learning the new rules and leveraging them to take advantage of computer or human players is always fun. 

Keeping the experience simple

As we’ve previously mentioned, many boomers stay away from modern games because the gaming experience is not their cup of tea. Fortunately, game developers recognized this as one of the main obstacles and the answer came fast – a new line of games was created and launched.

These games deliver the best of both worlds. They are easy to learn and play while they still pack entertainment. The games are developed to have an emotional impact as well. You can find more about it in the link here

If you are a boomer, you can get easily sucked into the world of games if you carefully choose which games to try and play. The trick is to go with engaging games with simple gaming experience.


Boomer gaming is far from being dead. There are hundreds of games people that haven’t grow up with games can play and enjoy. Sticking to a familiar platform such as mobile, and choosing simple games with a tone of familiarity will help you find a game that resonates with you and that you play when you want to wind down.