Jessica Jones 204 Poster copy

Jessica Jones promotional art cover for episode 204 “AKA God Help The Hobo.” Photo courtesy of Netflix.

**This Article Contains Spoilers for Jessica Jones Episode 204 and Episodes Prior**

“That’s not me…That’s not me…”

In this episode, Jessica had to face the idea that this super powered mystery woman was in fact just another version of herself.  It’s a strong thread that ran throughout the episode. As they researched who she may be, Jessica could only focus on the similarities. It wasn’t until seeing the aftermath of the monster that she snapped out it. Those last lines of the episode really resonated.

While that strong thread ran through the episode, there was sadly some lazy writing on display elsewhere. Things like Hogarth coincidentally running into someone with ALS as they stumble, or a dumb kid nearly dying so that the writers could make Jessica look reckless.  Yes, I know they found out the truth, and that Oscar came up to apologize to Jessica. But boy, wasn’t that a simple and easy solution to her problems?

Speaking of her problems, this woman that they are hunting down certainly looks to be a threat—I mean look at the aftermath of the poor robber. Although, I still stand by my observation from the last review.  We need a personality to this antagonist. Being a mystery figure only works for so long (and I don’t think the Kingpin build-up is working as well here). While the lack of David Tennant certainly isn’t hurting the show, it does make me long for a clear antagonist figure—a personality that can stand next to Kilgrave. It would seem that this mystery lady will become that, and if she does, hopefully we see more of her soon.

Trish continued her potential path to becoming Hellcat by taking Simpon’s inhaler in the midst of them trying to apprehend the homeless woman. I think it’s great that they are building her up, but I can’t help but feel that the pay off would have been better had she actually done something useful.  As it stood, she tased a regular woman, and then stood around shaking awkwardly. Also when it comes to Trish, her boyfriend continues to be sketchy. I stand by the possibility that their portrayal of his actions is a red herring, and that he is simply doing his own investigating behind her back—or just something not evil.

After disappearing for an episode, Pryce showed his face to cause more trouble. On top of trying to hire Malcolm, Pryce also took it upon himself to hire a hacker/thief to break into Alias Investigations and steal all of her investigative work.  It didn’t work out so well for the robber, and I wouldn’t be surprised if IGH starts to tail Pryce due to his interference.

Hogarth took a different path as she left her doctor in the dust, and has started to look to more unorthodox medicines and treatments.  While little occured for her in this hour, a direction for her character is clearly being set-up. My bet is that her quest for a cure will lead her right into IGH, and she’ll seek their care and treatment for her condition. Her desperate measures for this help will very quickly intersect with Jessica’s confrontation of the company.

\With Jessica framed for a crime she didn’t commit, it looks like their IGH quest has hit a roadblock. The eviction storyline came to lackluster (and all too easy) conclusion, but Jessica still has a problem with the monster on the loose and—unbeknownst to her—Pryce biting at her heels. Here’s to hoping Trish will be more useful next time she takes that inhaler.

What did you guys think of the episode?  Make sure to leave your thoughts down below in the comments! But please make sure to keep it spoiler free of any future episode information.  For all of our Jessica Jones Season 2 coverage and reviews in one place, make sure to check out our HUB!

Bonus Note:

  • Jessica VO’s about the heat, yet she still wears her jacket.
  • That poor Tesla.
  • Theorizing that the mystery woman has cancer is understandable, but jumping to an absolute conclusion is a bit of a stretch.
  • Jessica should know that Luke Cage is who she is destined to be with. Just saying.
  • Malcolm standing up against Jessica was a great moment for him, and I’m glad he won that 20%. Also Malcom is really going at it on Tinder isn’t he?
Jessica Jones 204 Poster

Jessica Jones promotional art cover for episode 204 “AKA God Help The Hobo.” Photo courtesy of Netflix.


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