We already know that watching animated children swear is outwardly hilarious, as shown with the South Park series. Cartoons are typically made for children, so for them to act in adult fashion makes them even better. This show needs no build-up; it is one of Netflix’s biggest original series, after all, so let us chat about Big Mouth season four.

If you have not had the pleasure of diving down the Big Mouth rabbit hole, be warned there are spoilers. Or if you need a refresher on older seasons, check out this article. Tiffany did a fantastic job explaining the ins and outs of Hormone Monsters, puberty, and life as an animated preteen. Here is where I would also like to warn you that the following content will be obscene, vulgar, but always fun. Readers discretion is advised.  

big mouth
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Quick Recap

This season of Big Mouth started with a trip to summer camp. It was here that Nick, Andrew, and Jessi re-met Natalie, who had transitioned and began sleeping in the girls’ bunk. This is also where the anxiety mosquito named Tito came into play. We eventually learned that Tito and the Depression Kitty are close friends as they terrorized the children together. When summer came to an end, Nick and Andrew mended fences and attempted to date two younger girls. Missy explored her heritage and bonded with DeVon while Lola and Jay fell in love. Mathew came out to his parents, and Jessi dated a bad boy. Overall, this season was packed full of twists, turns, and heartfelt moments.

Concluding Thoughts

In the end, this season of Big Mouth felt different from the rest. Sure there was quirky raunchy humor that had my sides splitting. However, there were some points in which I felt some tugs at my heartstrings. When Jessi was worried that her pad would dry up the whole lake, I was brought back to my first use of a tampon.  Or the episode when Matthew came out to his parents, I fondly remembered the day my sister came out to the family. In conclusion, this season of Big Mouth had more substance, and I genuinely feel it was the best season yet.