“I think there’s a fourth alien.” Isobel is starting to recall actions that she doesn’t remember doing. Memories of Rosa, Liz’s dead sister. Now, we know that Isobel didn’t kill Rosa but finding the 4th alien is going to be difficult. So everyone and anyone is a suspect. There is a gala to go to, and they have to fish them out.

As they begin to get ready for the gala, strange things begin to happen. They know the 4th alien is strong and can control people’s minds, but they can’t figure out who it is. The fact that they haven’t honed their powers might have a lot to do with it. As the cast begins to make their way to the festivities, Max is knocked out. At the gala, Liz walks in with her dad and meets up with Maria. They chat about her dress and makeup. No one is aware that Max is missing.

Max, who was knocked out, winds up in Michael’s underground alien hideout. But, unfortunately, Michael was also knocked out by some yellow powder before Max was attacked. As a result, they are trapped and can’t use their powers. Back at the gala, everyone is starting to notice Max’s absence. And the identity of the 4th alien might have something to do with his absence. Who they think it is, doesn’t quite match up, but it fits.

So, if you watched the original Roswell, you’ll remember that Maria and Michael were together. However, in this version, Michael is bisexual, which is closer to the original story. He, like Maria and Max, thinks she’s the killer. So, naturally, this doesn’t go down very well with Michael. Back at the gala, Liz has realized that Maria was involved but not of her own free will. The fourth alien is controlling her, and when they find her, she is passed out.

Liz locates Max and Michael and frees them. They head back to the gala to locate their serial killer. Maria is still knocked out, and Michael promises to watch over her while the others pretend everything is ok. When Liz’s dad tells her that Noah, Isobel’s husband, is going to protect him, she gets suspicious. Then a lot of things start to make sense, and she compares notes with Max, and a lot more things make sense. Max then tells Isobel their findings and asks her to check in his head.

Liz does one better and remembers that Noah got shot, and she bolts home to check the blood that was left on her shirt. In her attempt to prove Max wrong, Isobel learns the truth from the one person she never suspected by getting into his head. Noah makes Isobel lie to Max. But Liz’s sample proves that wrong, and Noah controls Isobel, and she attacks Max. Liz is waiting for him and injects him with the serum. Noah almost kills Liz, but the serum renders him powerless. Now, what will they do with Noah?