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We open to the family in the kitchen, except for Peter, for breakfast. When he comes in he asks for jokes from Brian and Chris. Peter is in charge of birthdays at work. He takes this part of the job seriously.

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At work, everyone looks forward to the birthday production. When does Peter have time to do all this. I didn’t know Peter worked in a factory. Stewie finds a joke in a book and wants to find a victim. It’s the “you have something on your shirt” joke. When Doug comes over, Stewie strikes but accidentally causes Doug’s nose to bleed. The bleeding resulted in Stewie getting detention.

The next day at school, for detention, Stewie goes to the Elementary detention and is left there. Though we get to see Bart Simpson, that is pretty cool. Peter works at a brewery, not a factory. I forgot. I forget that Peter has a job. He’s never at work. Anyway, birthday stuff got canceled because of the new manager, Preston Lloyd. Peter convinces Mr. Lloyd to give back birthdays. Mr. Lloyd gives in but says he will do them. He does true to his word, but not nearly in the fashion, Peter does.

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In detention, Stewie is looking for a pacifier and grabs the attention of some of the other students. At work, Peter makes a birthday goofing-off area, kind of like the bars of the 20s in movies. Everything hides easily. Stewie comes out of detention like someone coming out of prison. Stewie is such a drama king, I swear! Peter ends up getting fired for his antics.

Ok, so finally, Peter gets in trouble for something. Does it stick? Is Stewie ok? Let me know what you think of the episode in the comments below. Until next week…

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