Moments of Vision episode 10, of The Vikings, came out on Wednesday the 24 and it was shocking.  Characters were killed off, wars got bloody, and Kattegat is being fought for.  The mid-season finale was certainly interesting and different than what we have seen up to this point.

This is the first season of the show where most of the show is not focused on Ragnar.  Without one of the biggest characters of the story, it was interesting to see how the show went.  Ragnar’s death meant his sons would fight even more, and Kattegat would go to the next person strong enough to take it because no one feared Ragnar anymore.  Overall, without Ragnar is was a different way of the telling of this show but it has remained interesting.

Moments of Vision was named such because characters had visions while chaos ruled around them.  The episode started with a battle with Halfdan dying at the hands of his brother while fighting alongside Bjorn.  This brings the camera to show Hvitserk who also is wondering the battle waiting to die.  When he finally gets to Ubbe, Hvitserk has a vision of himself dying and yet Ubbe, after attempting to, cannot deliver the blow that will kill his brother.

Torvi’s son is killed while in battle and she has a tearful goodbye which made the scene absolutely heartbreaking even though we did not know much about the character.  Astrid knowing she is pregnant allows Lagertha to kill her by stabbing her in the stomach, and we find out that Astrid’s kidnapping was all planned.

Once Ivar released the Frankish troops, Bjorn was forced to retreat and Lagertha was left in the field.  For the first time we see Lagertha in a way that is not the strong woman who could outfight any man.  She is small and filled with grief.  Although she still manages to keep her kingdom through all of this.

The episode ends with Bjorn retreating to Kattegat and seeing ships sailing in with Rollo.  This was a shock and it will be interesting to see what Rollo has planned and how the rest of the season will pan out.