Lucifer is finally back and picks up right where season 2 left us. A winged Lucifer wakes up in the desert.

Spoilers ahead, so tread lightly. I’m going to do my best to recap all the important stuff but if you’d really care, I’d recommend watching the actual episode.


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Lucifer was kidnapped and has been missing for two days. Lucifer thinks God has something to do with the kidnapping, which would make sense considering the resurfacing of his wings but he is wrong. Just a coincidence.

Lucifer makes his way back to the police station where he finds out no one noticed him missing. He gets Decker to go investigate his alleged kidnapping. At the crime scene they found something unexpected. A hand sticking out of the ground. And a dead rock squirrel.

Now Lucifer’s kidnapping has everyone’s attention, including the new Lieutenant Marcus Pierce. Turns out he is super honest and blunt, kind of makes him seem like a douche and I love it. He roasts just about everyone but Ella. I’m very excited to see what he does this season.

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After some good old fashioned detective work and some questioning Lucifer and company learn that the kidnapping was a prank gone wrong. Obviously this calls for a sting operation. Lieutenant Pierce declares Detective Douche expendable, so he is selected as the bait. Due to some Lucifer hi-jinks, Dan is not kidnapped but Lucifer instead.

At some point before this Lucifer cuts his new wings off and Amenadiel finds them. Normally that would’ve upset Amenadiel but he had a great talk with Ella earlier about dead squirrels and God working in mysterious ways. Oh yeah, Lucifer’s tries to reveal his true form to Decker but his Devil face is gone.

Lucifer now in the clutches of the bumbling kidnappers easily subdues them to get answers. Surprise, they have no idea who he is but they lead him to their partner, who deals with the desert portion of the prank. Simultaneously the aforementioned squirrel reveals some evidence that also sends Decker in the same direction.

It is here Lucifer gets some answers. The murder was an accident, Lucifer scared him off when he revealed his wings and left the other kidnapped man to die. But why was Lucifer kidnapped, obviously God hired the kidnappers. Lucifer’s wings pop back up, scaring the guy more and proving that he is not working with God. The Sinnerman hired him. But who the hell is that?

Decker and the police arrive and arrest the kidnapper/murderer only for him to get off on bail. Too bad he didn’t live long after that. The Sinnerman got to him.

The Sinnerman looks like he will be the big bad of the season.

Some of my thoughts:

  • Lucifer is now an angel
  • Loving Tom Welling’s character (Marcus Pierce)
  • The Sinnerman is probably from hell
  • Ella and Amenadiel hook up

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