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We open to the Griffins going to Quahog Sports. Lois leaves Peter to look at the treadmills, which is probably a mistake. Yep, it was a mistake. Peter brought out a pitching machine, effectively making the family car a tank. Cleveland nails Peter before he can attack Cleveland.

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Peter is ridiculous. After Chris clogs the toilet, Peter tries to fix it with the pitching machine. This stunt is after trying to get on America’s Funniest Videos with it. Peter ends up destroying the house instead.

With the house needing to “air out” for a few days, they go to Mr. Peterschmidt’s house to stay. When Lois finds out that he is going to the funeral of her former nanny, Meredith, she insists on going with her father. Mr. Peterschmidt tries to get out of taking Lois with him, but she won’t have it. Then he asks for ass, gas, or grass to ride with him. Lois says gas, for which she gets called a prude.

Peter decides to turn the house into a hotel. Peter hands out the jobs. Chris- bellhop, Brian- bartender, Meg- slave labor basically, and Stewie- concierge. On the drive, Lois remembers Meredith. The whole town shows out for the hotel. Stewie decides some matchmaking is in order.

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Stewie decided to match the librarian with Dr. Hartman and used scones to do it. When Dr. Hartman saves the librarian, and she is being coy, he doesn’t seem interested. Principal Shepard makes a move, and now Dr. Hartman is interested.

At the funeral, Lois meets Jacqueline, Meredith’s sister. Jacqueline says it’s a shame Meredith had to quit being a nanny because of an affair. Lois immediately thinks it is her father. She calls Peter, who answers the call “Peterschmidt Hotel” and transfers her to Chris, who transfers her to Meg. Who answers the same. However, when Meg recognizes Lois’s voice, Lois transfers her by hanging up.

Was it true that Mr. Peterschmidt had an affair? Did Peter and the kids get caught? I don’t know how they wouldn’t be, but Lois sometimes seems determined to remain ignorant about some things. That takes work. What do you think about it? Let me know in the comments below. Until next time…