Last summer, Netflix premiered a reboot of the classic Voltron: Defender of the Universe series and added some modern twists. There may have been some apprehension from fans of the original series at first, but any anxiety was quickly quelled as the series proved to ride above and beyond expectations. Now, with just one month before season three premiers, Voltron: Legendary Defender fans are beginning to go stir-crazy. Netflix’s unexpected trailer for the show has us on edge. Let’s take a look at a few reasons why.

  • Where is Shiro? The trailer reveals that the team cannot form Voltron anymore, obviously due to the lack of their fifth paladin. But we know Shiro is alive somewhere, thanks to a leaked image on Kimiko Glenn’s Snapchat story. He appears to be fighting alongside Pidge’s older brother, Matt, which leads us to believe that Shiro has infiltrated the Galra yet again with his disappearance. But we still don’t know where these two are, how they’ll be found, or how long it will take to find them. And that is absolutely AGONIZING.

Photo Source: Kimiko Glenn via Snapchat

  • Is Lance the new permanent pilot of the Red Lion? He’s briefly shown piloting first the Blue, then the Red Lion, which means that at some point there is a change among the paladins. We can assume that Keith is piloting the Black Lion now that Shiro is missing, but that doesn’t explain why Lance would change his lion as well. Could this series be following in the footsteps of the original series and putting Allura up to bat with Blue?
  • Lotor!! Another character adapted from the original series has made an appearance, and this trailer revealed not only a good look at his face, but also a nice clip of his sultry voice. How is this new contender going to play into the show’s dynamic? As a Galra, will he remain an adversary to team Voltron? Or will an alliance be formed?

Season three premiers on August 4th, so get ready to plop down with some popcorn for another Netflix binge. But for now, watch the trailer below and comment with any thoughts or predictions of your own!