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Do you have someone in your family or friends circle that’s into the furry fandom? Struggling for some ideas on last-minute gifts (or perhaps gifts in general?) to give?

Here are seven ideas I came across – best of all, most of these are available for two-day shipping on Amazon. So if it’s really down to the wire or want to have an early-late gift, this should help.

As a side note, please exercise caution when shopping online for furry gifts. A lot of scam and ripoff sites will advertise that they’re selling items like fursuits for good prices on sites like Amazon. But these are just scammers illegally using someone else’s character to make bad suits. Always go to a fursuit maker directly if you ever want to order a fursuit as a gift!

Now, let’s get onto the list:

1. Folex

What? Carpet cleaner on a furry Christmas list? Believe it – this stuff can actually work pretty well for spot cleaning fursuits. Especially for those who happen to have a suit with brighter colors such as white.

Even if you don’t have a suit it can be handy for those with tails, hands, and so on.

2. Portable Fan

Image Source: Amazon

Continuing on with fursuiter-related gifts, we’ve got cute little personal fans. There’s a variety available on sites like Amazon, but we’ve seen plenty of fursuiters use little fans like these.

Fursuiting can be exhausting, and even a partial suit can get very hot while doing something as simple as karaoke. So help your furred friend out by giving them a small little fan they can use to help keep themselves cool.

3. Tails and Paws

Furryvalley Fursuit Paws Furry Partial Cosplay Fluffy Claw Gloves Costume Lion Bear Props for Kids Adults (Blue)
Source: Amazon

Who doesn’t like cute tails and paws to wear to furry events? These can make for some excellent gifts, with a nice variety of colors available. However, it seems like they only have these canine-style paws and tails for now, so keep that in mind. They’re also a little more on the expensive side.

The maker of these paws, FurryValley, has plenty of other furry-related products available too.

4. Window Screen/Buckram Fabric

Image Source: Amazon

Furries are quite the crafty bunch. I mean, we make our own mascot costumes! And part of that costume is the see-through fursuit eyes, typically made from window screen or buckram fabric. If you know a fur that makes suits, perhaps a little gift to help their artistic endeavors can help?

5. Sketchbook

Image Source: Amazon

A sketchbook can make a good gift as there are plenty of artists in the furry fandom. While many do digital art, there’s still a lot who do hand-drawn or at least incorporate sketches in some way. Or they might use a sketchbook to practice.

There might be other applications too – perhaps there’s a fursuit maker who sketches out their designs prior to getting work started.

6. Notebooks

Image source: Amazon

Is there a furry writer in the group? Or perhaps a furry musician? Perhaps some new notebooks can make for a great gift. These leatherette journals look pretty nice, but of course, there are always the classic spiral notebooks. They’ve even got massive 18-pack bundles!

If you want something more fancy or personalized, there are lots of journal-style notebooks as well. Check out this awesome leather-style unicorn journal.

7. Animal Mugs

Image source: Amazon

Animal mugs! There’s a whole slew of them available on Amazon, such as this adorable sloth letting us all know to hang in there. Who wouldn’t want this cute little fellow greeting them in the morning?

If sloths aren’t their thing, well, there’s no shortage of choices, such as this artful bird mug or this tall black cat mug.

Bonus 1: Deal With It

Want to give your furry fellow a cute, playful way to show pride in their fandom? Why not this shirt by Furry Present Designs? It’s adorable and available in all sorts of colors.

This one’s not on the main list because while it does qualify for free Prime shipping…it’ll need some time to actually reach its destination. Still, you could always buy it and let ’em know what’s coming!

Bonus 2: Fursuit Head Dryer

Fursuit Head Dryer USB Portable Dryer for Fursuit Heads image 1
Image source: Etsy

Coming in from the wonderful world of Etsy is this really cool USB-powered fursuit head dryer. Drying a fursuit head can be a bit of a task, especially after cleaning or during hotter times (good ol’ human sweat).

This neat little contraption by SilberzahnCreations was designed to not only provide a solution to that but also be easily taken apart and put back together for easy storage and transportation. A great companion piece for the furry that’s always on the move!

This one’s also not on the main list because it has no two-day shipping option. It makes sense, as this is being shipped from Germany! But it’s a neat little tool that seems to really deliver on its premise.

And there you have it – several ideas for some last-minute furry gift-giving. Gift-giving is always exciting, so hopefully, this list gave you some ideas to make your furry friend’s/family member’s Christmas more fluffier and merrier.