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We open to Brian’s birthday party. Peter can’t remember Brian’s names, but everyone else could. Joe cuts out early to do a stakeout. Part of the party is a roast of Brian. Peter was not kind at all.

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One of Stewie’s classmates tells him she tested positive for cooties. They shared playdough the week before. When Peter went to see Joe, he cheated on Lois and ate dinner with Bonnie. She made the best thing he ever tasted. Stewie has to see Doug about his cootie test results. Doug told Stewie that he had a terminal case of cooties. Of course, Stewie is being overdramatic. His twenty-year-old nurse keeps him young. Stewie is one! He is young!

Peter no longer has an appetite for Lois’s food. As he was eating, he thought of Bonnie and her food and called out Bonnie’s name. This is horrible. Absolutely horrible. How do they come up with this stuff? Stewie is getting his “affairs” in order. Brian ends up yelling at Stewie about being ridiculous.

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Chris must be going through a phase because he hits on Lois, and she tells him to go masturbate. Bonnie brings Peter the food she made for him to his home. As he digs in, he is caught on camera. Speaking of the camera, Stewie went overboard with the drama. He left a prerecorded message for Brian. Stewie has decided to go the assisted suicide route. Chris hits on Meg only to be told to go masturbate again by Lois.

Does Stewie actually try to go through with it? Does Peter’s cheating stomach drive a wedge between him and Lois or Joe? I often find my hands over my face during episodes. How about you? Let me know in the comments below. Until next time…