Warning! Some spoilers for all seasons ahead.

You might think you’ve read everything there is to read about CW’s show, the “Originals.” I thought I did! With that in mind, I dare you to read this list. Did you know that one member of the cast was supposed to be killed off at the end of one season, but was saved by the furious outcry of (not the fans!) but the writers? Did you know that one member of the original (pun intended!) cast almost played Tom Riddle in the Harry Potter movies? And finally, were you aware that two members of the “Originals” cast are in relationships with actors from the “Vampire Diaries?”

Let’s find out if you knew quite as much about this TV series, and what goes on behind-the-scenes, as you thought!

(1) We Nearly Lost Josh! 

The Casket Girls

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That’s right! The lovely, adorable, always-there-for-you vampire Josh Rosza was almost killed off at the end of season one. In fact, he was actually only supposed to be a guest star. That goes to show the power that fans (and the writers!) have to save lives.

(2) Who Do You Have to Thank for “Originals?” YOU! 


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Where do you think the idea for an “Originals” TV show came from? Do you think that someone overseeing “Vampire Diaries” came up with it? Do you think the author of the books that inspired that show, LJ Smith, saw the potential for a spin-off and made the suggestion? Nope and nope. We have this show because the fans came up with it! They were watching “Vampire Diaries” and they wanted to know more Klaus and the rest of the Mikaelson family. Fans began making videos using clips from “Vampire Diaries.” Through these, fans showed the world what an “Originals” series would look like. Joseph Morgan (Klaus) and Claire Holt (Rebecca) saw them and started talking. After that, everything just fell into place!

(3) Without “Originals” You Wouldn’t Have the “Flash!”


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This might come as a shock, but before the “Originals” aired, CW had never had a successful spin-off series before. The popularity of the Mikaelson family has helped convince the Powers-That-Be (otherwise known as the decision-makers at CW) that spin-off series’ can be a good thing. So, next time you’re watching Barry Allen zoom around, saving super-powered pretty people, just know that you have the Mikaelson family to thank.

(4) “Sweet Caroline . . . “

No, no, no, Neil Diamond is not guest starring on the “Originals!” Even though we haven’t seen Caroline and Klaus cuddling it up for a while, there are a lot of fans who still have their fingers crossed for the couple. That’s alright. Some people still have their hopes set on a happily-ever-after for Klaus and Hayley too. Those of us who fantasized about Klaus spending his eternity with Camille, however, are out of luck. When she died, some fans were upset, but some were glad. When viewers thought that Camille might replace Caroline or Hayley as a love interest for Klaus, some of them lashed out at the actor behind Camille, Leah Pipes. The creator of “Originals,” Julie Plec, found out about the cyber-bullying and took action. She posted a series of Tweets supporting Leah Pipes. These included the line “Some of you should be ashamed of yourselves. The rest of you, please continue to be beautiful. The internet needs you.” Thanks for supporting us nerds, Julie Plec!

(5) A Mikaelson Marrying a Bennet? 


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No, not really! Stop panicking! I’m talking about the real-life relationship between Joseph Morgan (Klaus) and Persia White. The two met during “Vampire Diaries” where White played the mother of Bonnie Bennet, Abbey Bennet Wilson. There must have been magic in the air (pun intended . . . since the Bennets are witches? Never mind!) because the two fell in love when they worked together on a short film called “Revelation.” (Check out the 12-minute video on Youtube. Joseph Morgan directed it!)

(6) Who Would Make a Better Father, Klaus or Joseph Morgan? 


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While Joseph Morgan might not have any kids yet, he long ago wanted Klaus to have them! In 2013, long before little Hope Mikaelson was in our heads and on our screens, Morgan told his fans how much he wanted Klaus to be a daddy! “I hope he really loves that baby. Because I think there’s nothing that will be more interesting than a murderous, sociopathic killer who will do anything for his newborn child. And woe betide the people who come and try and take it from him. I think there’s something quite powerful about that, and dangerous, and appealing to me at least. He has one weakness–this little tiny baby that he loves with all his heart. And the rest of him is all, you know, teeth and nails.”

(6) Klaus Almost Attended Hogwarts!


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Well, Joseph Morgan almost did! One of Mogan’s earliest auditions was to be in the Harry Potter movies. It is no surprise that Morgan read these books considering how big of a reader he is! What is surprising, however, is who he auditioned to be: Tom Riddle. That’s right! The man who would become Lord Voldemort was almost played by our very own Klaus Mikaelson!

(7) The Seventh Audition Is the Charm?


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Charles Michael Davis might play Marcel for us now, but he very nearly played someone else. In the early years of “Vampire Diaries,” Davis auditioned five or six times for a part. He was turned down each time. When he got the call to be in the “Originals,” he leaped at the chance. The opportunity only got better when Davis discovered Joseph Morgan was part of the cast. The two had been poker buddies several years before. Distrusting each other at the poker table had to make it easier to play Marcel and Klaus! (Would you believe Davis started out modeling before he became an actor? I can!)

(8) When the Student Surpasses the Master . . . Or When the Spin-Off Surpasses the Original.


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Almost everyone knows that the “Vampire Diaries” came first. They were based on a series of novels by LJ Smith and were a big hit with both readers of the books and brand new fans. (That’s rare!) So, with all that, how is it that the ratings for the “Originals” have often been better than those of “Vampire Diaries?” The most common theory is that the story of the Mikaelsons is more mature than that of the Salvatores. With Damon and Stefan Salvatore, as well as Elena Gilbert, high school plays a primary role. Much of the plotlines center around “does he love me?” and “which brother do I love?” With the Mikaelson family, the storylines focus more on family, on becoming parents, and on choosing loyalties. Finally, the “Originals” gives fans the strange (and rarely seen) experience of rooting for both the villain and hero of the story at the same time: Klaus Mikaelson.

(9) Wait. Who’s Dated Who? 

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Sometimes keeping track of who has dated who from which show is as difficult as keeping track of the doppelgangers on the “Vampire Diaries!” Let’s see if we can’t make it a bit simple! Most people know that Ian Somerhalder (Damon Salvatore) and Nina Dobrev (Elena Gilbert) were together for a long time. This got awkward at times because their real-life breakup occurred at almost the exact same time that Elena and Damon finally got together! On the flip side, we have Paul Wesley. (Stefan Salvatore) For a time, Wesley was married to Torrey DeVitto. (Dr. Meredith Fell on “Vampire Diaries.”) Wesley and DeVitto have since divorced and sources now say Wesley has been getting all cozy with “Originals” cast member Phoebe Tonkin. (Hayley Marshell) Candice Accola (Caroline) and Zach Roerig (Matt) dated for a while, which was cute since their characters were adorable in “Vampire Diaries” too. Before that, Accola briefly dated Elena’s brother, played by Steven R. McQueen.

(10) Pranks Between Brothers 


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Klaus and Elijah might be at each other’s necks on almost a daily basis, but the actors are actually really good friends. Joseph Morgan and Daniel Gillies have become such great pals, they play pranks on each other in-between filming! You want examples of the pranks? Oh, if you insist! Apparently, Gillies started it. His and Morgan’s parking spots were right next to each other. One day, Gillies parked his jeep diagonally across both parking spots! Morgan retaliated by “hiding that jeep.” (I wish I had more details on what this meant! Hide it where? In the basement cellar where Marcel kept Klaus chained up for a while?) Another prank they did frequently was locking each other out of their dressing rooms! Daniel Gillies finished what he started by parking so close to Joseph Morgan’s car, Morgan couldn’t get the door open. The door was opened anyway. Damage was caused. Pranks were over . . . for now!!!

(11) Elijah is Gay? Not Interested? In Love with Hayley? WHAT?


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Most of us know Elijah Mikaelson as the super responsible sibling. He’s the one with the moral code and the manners and the level-headedness. However, it turns out that Daniel Gillies was worried about the role of Elijah. He was concerned that, because of the straight-laced way he played his character, viewers would think Elijah had no sexual interests at all. This would be a problem because it would make it harder to create chemistry between Elijah and Hayley later on. Daniel Gillies laughed when a few people thought Elijah was gay instead. From the sheer amount of fans in the world cheering for a relationship between Hayley and Elijah, Gillies probably doesn’t need to worry too much.

(12) Once a Werewolf, Then a Vampire, Then a Werewolf Again, Then Dead?


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Did you wonder where Jackson went in the “Originals?” He was there early on, vanished, and then came back to be with Hayley. It turns out that the actor, Nathan Parsons, was actually busy cozying it up with another TV show. He joined the cast of HBO’s “True Blood” for their final season as the vampire James. After that, he bounced back to the CW show. Was multi-tasking between two different shows (and the schedules DID overlap) exhausting? Considering one show shot in Atlanta, Georgia and the other filmed in Los Angeles, California, it sure was! Fortunately for Nathan Parsons, it was worth it. As a kid, he’d loved myths and legends. That’s likely what drove him to audition for both “Vampire Diaries” and “Originals” multiple times!

And that’s a wrap folks! Come back here this time next week for another post to sink your teeth into!